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The Construction Process: Art, Science, Legalities and Other Concerns

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The construction of a house or building is a very complex process. The safety and security of the occupants greatly rely on the durability of the structure. For construction companies to build sound structures, they have to plan everything very carefully, down to the smallest detail.


Construction is both an art and a science; it even involves finances and legal matters. When you pass by any house or building, all you usually notice is its size and beauty.  You are not aware of the processes involved in its construction.  Here are some of the important matters in construction.


Legal matters. The construction process is partly governed by the building standards or codes of a certain country or region. Contractors in the United Kingdom need to comply with these standards to ensure the safety and health of the occupants. There are minimum ceiling heights, door widths, standard stair dimensions and foundation requirements. These standards are followed to ensure the stability and function of the structure and its interiors.


Whether it is a building in London or a house in Brentwood, structures need to have a building permit before construction.  Building or house designs are checked by appropriate housing and construction agencies to make sure that the plans follow legal standards.


The design process. When a house is to be constructed in Brentwood for example, there are two major aspects of design that are considered: aesthetics and functionality. For a majority of people, function always comes first.  What good is a beautiful home if the corridors are too narrow, or the kitchen, too small? However, everybody likes to live in a beautiful home as well. A builder Brentwood construction companies employ ensures that these two aspects meet halfway.


There are different factors affecting both function and aesthetics that builders in Brentwood consider.  These include space planning, ergonomics and material selection.  A vital part of the design process is construction schedule.  A construction company has to closely follow its schedule to meet client deadline. It should have provisions for contingencies such as harsh weather conditions or accidents. These situations can greatly affect schedule, and deadlines may have to be moved. Design revisions are also frequent during construction.


Laborers. Construction requires a lot of work that is specific to each construction phase, and need skilled laborers.  It does not only require a carpenter in Brentwood but other workers as well including roofers, electricians, plumbers, welders and painters to complete construction. A reliable contractor hires only licensed laborers in his company. Check for more details about the construction process.  


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