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The Experience Valuation of Diablo Three Auction Equipment

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Players value experience on Diablo 3 equipment through the levels of economic knowledge, and how to value reasonable judgment based on the properties of the various kinds of equipment of Diablo 3? I believe this will make you gain something.

I talk about personal experiences on the valuation.

First, the price of a piece of equipment is valued by the affixes and incidental. My major is accounting. A little professional point is to determine the fair value of the equipment. Make sure the principle is to refer to similar trading price of goods (to have an active trading volume), similar trading goods are difficult to find but to refer to the active transaction prices of similar transactions in goods, and then not, the valuation techniques. I will mention these three points.

1. A common affix combination of valuation is very easy, you only need to set corresponds to the lower limit of the affixes in AH. Found the corresponding properties can be obtained about the price. There is a small detail is important to note. You will find a price from low to high, you can all see the same property and equipment prices, and the heart will have the idea.

2. Property affixes are not special, but the property value of special equipment. Equipment valuation will be little trouble, but I personally think this is reasonable.

3. Affixes a combination of wonderful equipment. This valuation is relatively more difficult, the accuracy is relatively lower. But better than racking our brains casually out a number you want to fly. Wonderful definition not affix, but there are some affixes is not your first priority, but the value may be more substantial, difficult trade-offs.

4. The legendary equipment, for a little good legendary equipment. Property as a dog would be no needing pricing. First, even if the property is the same, you will want to spend a little extra money to get the legendary quality of the equipment. Legend only with the legend, legendary equipment attributes fixed with relative yellow mounted.

5. Weapons, dps RCC all, other career seemingly more important to affix, the main properties can also be calculated by the formula corresponding to the dps in the current equipment. I do not know much about, but the basic method 2 can solve some problems, my study is relatively small in this area, looking forward to the other players added.

6. At last talk about the best, I have to say that I did not get the best of ten million in my life, and just talk about the view. Need equipment excellent because affix perfect and the value are higher. AH cannot find enough trading volume to support our valuation.

This experience is thought by combine the economic knowledge and what I am learning in school, and personally think that the second is more reasonable reference value and can solve most of their differences. Also note that the economics established assumption is that all are economic (that is, all rational thinking). The fact is not, so we AH have high-priced and low-cost variety of equipment, and then I have a living space. We play the game need not so tired as me. Personally, I prefer thinking.

Of course, in the upcoming 1.03 version, Blizzard will support retrieve the shelves items immediately, but this approach can also help us a little busy before 1.03 patches on the line, is not it?


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