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The fall of Hades marks the Sun’s dawn on Tenrou Island

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In the last Fairy Tail installment, we witnessed Laxus bestowing the lightning power upon Natsu, who tries using it on Hades. As per preceding episodes of the anime, Hades has evolved as one of the most powerful warriors around, and equipped with the lightening power, Hades tries to finish off Natsu along with the rest of the fairies.

While Natsu’s multiple melee strikes with the Lightening Flame and the Dragon’s Brilliant Flame appeared a bit too heavy for Hades to take on for a while, Fairy Tail depicts the victim unaffected for his possession of invincible powers. Episode 120 will see the entire skirmish coming to an end on Tenrou Island, as Natsu will walk away victorious.

Using the flames as Natsu’s most powerful weapon and the on to wrap up the fight, they manage to calm down Hades, who in no time is assumed defeated. To everybody’s surprise and terror, Hades springs back to life and switches on the Devil’s Eye. With the Eye activated, Hades’ appearance alters drastically, and he proceeds to recite Zeref’s spell that invited demons from the rocks around them. The fairies turn numb and remains standstill till Natsy recollects Gildarts advice and tries tracking out his and his team’s weaknesses. Fairy Tail episode 120 expects to see the team rejoice, after they dare confronting Hades.

Natsu’s speech rejuvenates members of his team and motivates them to get to their feet in order to take on Hades. They proceed accordingly by getting to their feet and charging at Hades. They fling Natsu towards Hades at very high speeds, and Hades disperses an evil spell that causes a huge explosion that eats away the remaining tits and bits of the deck. Fairy Tail episodes in the past have shed light on Natsu’s abilities to encourage his team mates and pull their spirits up.

The explosion is a huge one, and it fills the air around with dense smoke. Once, the smoke cleared away, people aboard realize that Natsu’s punch fell straight on Hades for the ship’s source of power has been destroyed by Happy and Carla. Once, the power source was destroyed, Hades was left useless and ineffective in his fights. As we watch Fairy Tail episode 120 online, we will know that Hades’ heart and his longevity, were equally responsible for his defeat at the hands of Natsu.

At last the fairies are able to breathe free, as Ultear puts back magic into the Tenrou tree, restoring power back to them instantly. Though, they failed in taking on Hades the last time, this time they appear confident and will be seen challenging Natsu for one last time. To ensure that Hades isn’t able to come back to life this time, Natsu uses the Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade. As Hades falls to the ground defeated, Natsu screams at the top of his voice and the Sun dawns on the Tenrou Island.


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