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The features of purple haze seeds

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The purple haze seeds come under the category of hybrid marijuana seeds. These seeds are feminized seeds and produce female plants once cultivated. These seeds although feminine in nature can be cultivated outdoor in the presence of sunlight and fresh air. These purple haze seeds are not very tall plants and gain regular height while flowering. These seeds have a very short flowering time when compared to the other seeds and produce enormous yield without excessive care. The purple haze seeds consist of sativa genes.

Purple haze seeds are very beautiful plants that posses a substance that is sticky. Purple haze seeds are usually darker when compared to most sativa plants. The purple haze seeds when uncovered and kept in very low temperature tend to change their color from dark green to violet or purple. The smell of purple haze seeds while growing is not quite strong but tends to become stronger and vibrant once the buds are gathered and dried. The taste of this plant is herby and peppery. As mentioned earlier these purple haze seeds consist of sativa and indica. There are some seeds which consist of a blend of the two and some which consist of only sativa or only indica.

The Purple haze seeds are easy to grow and the constituent of this plant is very strong. This is another form of the marijuana seeds. These plants are very adaptable plants and usually grow in any climate; they grow best in the Dutch climate. The process of the plant changing its color from dark green to purple is called flowering. These plants consist of 50% sativa and 50 % indica. These seeds originated when the purple afghan marijuana seeds were crossed with the sativa and indica breeds in Holland in the year 1983. Ideally these seeds originated in Afghanistan. The entire process of these seeds flowering takes 8 weeks or approximately 50 – 60 days. 5 – 10 feminized marijuana seeds can yield a very good crop of these seeds.

These seeds consist of medicinal qualities too. The purple haze seeds consist of THC content. These seeds are usually available in packets. Each packet consists of 10 seeds. These plants are available in beautiful colors like red, purple, pink and hence it is known as the purple haze. A lot of people make haze oil from these seeds and this oil is usually very expensive. The cost of each ounce of oil is very high. Oil made from haze is used as pain relief oil. A lot of people use the oil for relief from anxiety, relaxing, curing depression issues etc. This plant is also consumed as an energy booster. It is also being used as a sedative and this is the core reason for these seeds to be banned in a lot of countries. Hence if you ever want to buy the purple haze seeds, please ensure that you use the legal procedures and avoid getting into any legal problems.

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