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The Garage Door Opener: Dealing with Its Most Common Problems

  • Posted May 15, 2012
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Having a garage is just as important as having a car. A car, whether used or brand new, entails as much protection as you would provide for yourself. Keeping it parked outside to be drenched in the rain and scorched in the hot sun is the fastest way to ruin your car, so you will need a nice garage to keep it safe.


A rather new feature that adds to the comfort of having and using a garage is the garage door opener. It is an electrical box that opens the garage door, and it usually comes with a remote control. It is a wonderful piece of technology that allows you into your garage with a single press of a button. Most homes today have their garage door openers running under a battery while others have them wired to the garage or house.


A garage door opener is not without faults. For instance, it may not open the door or it may open the door but will fail to close it. Or, it may work only if you keep pressing the remote control. In some cases, the door opener may open or close your garage door, but not completely.


Before contacting the professionals, it would be nice if you do a little inspection first. To do this, you will need to know the basics on how garage door openers work. You don’t want to spend money for a professional who will simply tell you that you just need to replace the battery of your remote control.


The usual problem of a garage door is when it fails to open completely. When that happens, you can wait for ten to fifteen minutes. It is possible that the motor that moves the garage door has overheated. After waiting, try operating the door opener again. If it opens but does not close, check if the beam sensor is plugged. According to a Utah garage door repair expert, the beam sensor’s alignment could be the one causing the problem.


A strange thing people have encountered is their garage door opening and closing, without you pressing a button, as if it is possessed. You must contact a Utah garage door repair expert to fix this; it could be a faulty circuit board that causes this.


If you want to know more about garage doors and garages in general, you can find some interesting reads on and So if you’re garage is having any of these annoying problems, ask help from an expert repairing garage Sake Lake City has.


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