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The grass is greener on the other side

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Physical closeness is something that everyone strives for, and craves for in their lifetime. There are the few who take vows to remain true to God and themselves, however they still have others who share the same vow for company, for the need to belong and for the human contact that they miss out on. The everyday man however still needs the same they can just go about it in an entirely different manner. A lot of men refer to their girlfriends or wives as the ‘missus’ or the ‘old ball and chain’ or even, the ‘handbrake’ however if you asked these men, if deep down they could see themselves living without any female company whatsoever, they would sing a very different tune. For men who are single they might see these outspoken crude names as a sign of disrespect, however these men may very well be looking for everything that these other men have, a little ‘grass is greener’ reflection perhaps. The biggest key to having female company and not feeling as though you are being suffocated in her company is to strike the perfect balance between having a girl you can see for company, and still being able to live your life, make all the choices you want and the freedom to see other people. In order to do this you really need to form a working relationship with a London escort.

The services of a London escort are varied and fulfil all sorts of needs and fantasies, even a few you never knew you even had! In order to find the perfect girl a little searching is in order, but a quick online search can reveal everything you need to know to find someone who you think you will get along with marvellously. Once you have found the perfect girl you arrange to spend some time with her. The more time you spend with her the more comfortable you will be, thus leading to a fulfilling physical relationship with someone who really won’t mind if you meet someone really nice at work and want to see her instead. That is the great part about dating a London escort, is that at no point in time will this relationship get serious enough for you to have to worry about meeting her friends or family, you won’t be fielding calls from her late at night wondering where you are and nor will you have to worry about sleeping on the couch after a big night out with the boys.

When your friends complain about controlling girlfriends you now know that what you have is a much better deal, your friends will see you are the guy with the much greener pasture.

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