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The heat experts: please chasing Nash BIG3 bosh is the core of the attack

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The heat experts: please chasing Nash BIG3 bosh is the core of the attack

Beijing time on April 1, since Steve Nash (the Po) put words to the heat (the Po) interested after, this rapid aroused the Miami <a href=””>Wholesale nba jerseys</a> fans of interest. In “the sun sentinel” and Miami basketball experts IRA-WenDeMan received a lot about Nash’s fans to ask questions. In addition, there are around the heat of the attack tactics some solutions to decorate, the following is the specific content.

Q: the heat should not be considered in the off-season sign Nash? He is interested in the Miami heat, still can find out than two-time MVP stronger point guard?

The heat of the next season is the middle the contract be running to the big man, Nash should get $3 million pay offer. Probably, the heat will build on Mario’s check Morse (the Po) or Norris cole (the Po) to strengthen the paint. Of course, once Nash set to leave the sun, the heat or can’t afford to miss out, veteran’s strength and experience is priceless.

Q: the heat is now without a from the bench that can provide warfare player, who can take on this responsibility?

The heat of the bench warfare that’s not a serious problem, because lebron James and dwyane wade (the Po)-at least a on the court, it’s enough to ensure that the heat of the fire attack……. In addition, on the bench cole, in fact, personal impact is still good. In the specific time, cole’s play can solve a problem.

Q: look, the heat attack the best of times, is Chris bosh, ACTS as the core of the attack. Of course, this is not to say that the heat with bosh for absolute scorers, but he will let the heat attack core do a lot more choice, is it?

Yes, this is the reason why the heat will usually choose as the cause of the bearing the bosh. As long as bosh can find cuts and strong <a href=””>nhl jerseys Wholesale</a> feeling inside playing, the heat’s tactics can rich. For example a game against the Toronto raptors, bosh and insider’s singles in offensive boards on showed good, can give the heat brought thoroughly deserved victory. The problem is, sometimes bosh personal status is bad, it will affect the whole play to the Miami heat.

Q: mike miller when can really have to return?

To his ankle injury is concerned, 3-4 weeks out is a must.


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