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The History of golf and Putting Greens.

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Did you know that golf is one of the few ball sports, that is not played on a standardized playing area? Although most golf courses are normally comprised of 18 holes, each course has an unique design. It’s odd to consider that courses are like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two are alike. Golf just happens to be one of the few sports that do not need a referee. It is up to each individual player to govern their own game.

There are several historians that think that there were earlier versions from the game, but golf as we now know it originated in Scotland in the 15th century. The first written record of golf is when James King of Scots banned the game in 1457. He felt that the game had become a distraction to people learning archery. Seeing that golf is now a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry, it’s safe to say his efforts to stifle the growth of golf failed miserably. We do however have 1 of his ancestors, James the 4th, to thank for lifting the ban in 1502. Scotland to this day has some of the finest golf courses in the world, and some of the oldest. Musselburgh links in East Lothian has been said to be the oldest golf course in the world, documenting rounds in the 2nd of March 1672.

St Andrews is a little village on the east coast of Scotland. Although it has a well known universityin which some people in the Royal family were educated, it boasts one of the crowning jewels of international golf. The Old Course is the most famous of the four courses in St. Andrews. It’s world famous and it has hosted the British Open, or open championship, a lot more than any other course in history. The open championship actually returns to this venue every five years. The Open championship stands out as the oldest of the Four Major championships. It’s played every year on one of nine different links style golf courses, spread across Scotland and England. It was initially played at Prestwick club in Scotland on the 17 Of October 1860.

Golf has certainly changed a lot since the first time it was played. The very first golf balls were actually made from wood. I don’t think that there was much chance of getting any backspin with one of those bad boys! They were superseded by balls made of leather and stuffed with goose feathers. Sounds a lot more like a pillow than a golf ball. Still no backspinwith these I suppose?

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