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The Illustrious Journey of a Granite Tile in Michigan

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Before a granite tile in Michigan finds its way to your house, it has come a long way. Granite is an igneous rock, highly durable and not affected by erosion. Granite in Michigan is mostly used in building and construction. Granites are formed from magma that cools beneath the earth surface. Granite rocks are made of quartz, feldspar, biotite and muscovite. To identify the appropriate granite slabs in Michigan, you check for the color. Quartz is light gray, with yellowish or pink tones and some specs of white.

You can also identify a granite tile in Michigan by its hardness. It is very hard and cannot even be marked by a knife. Another feature is that it stands up well to heat. It also has crystalline grains fitted together with salt and pepper like appearance. Surfaces and floors made from granite in Michigan do also have a rough appearance. This is as a result of granite’s quality of fracturing in planes due to its crystalline structure. That is why granite countertops in Michigan look so beautiful.

Granite occurs naturally in slabs in many parts of the world. To use granite in Michigan, various methods of cutting are used. The slabs are polished and sent for fabrication, cut in the appropriate sizes for commercial and home use. It is from here that an interior designer gets a granite tile in Michigan. Since granites need to be extracted in large pieces, using large scale blasting and then collecting them may not be ideal. Instead, small scale quarrying is used.

The process of extracting granite in Michigan is undertaken in a systematic and mechanized way. A team of workers with large pieces of equipment descend upon the site. The tools consist of highly capacitated extractors. They then slowly dig around the slabs of granites to break them. This loosens the granite rock whereupon it is pulled up to the surface through conveyor belts. From here it can be resized, cut into slabs or any other form. That is how you end up with a granite tile in Michigan.

Granite in Michigan makes robust countertops. They are ideal for kitchen counters since they are durable and are not affected by heat variations. Granite tops cannot be scratched by sharp objects like knives. A granite tile in Michigan is a first choice for lining surfaces in various rooms in homes and offices. Besides the kitchen, where it lines food preparation stations, it can be used in the bathroom as well as the dining room where it acts as a serving surface.

To maintain the beauty of countertops, granite in Michigan can be sealed accordingly. Granite has become very popular over the years because of its durability and beauty. A granite tile in Michigan comes in many styles and variety of colors. Granite tiles are affordable because of their popularity and variety of use. It is second only to diamond because of its toughness and scratch resistance surface. On the other hand, it does not crack or burn.

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