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The Impact of Penguin on Websites

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On April 24th, 2012, Google rolled out its new algorithm. It has been nicknamed Penguin and on Friday, May 25th Google rolled out a modification of that algorithm. The changes have left many SEO experts scratching their heads, but SEO Services India is on top of all the changes. By using their years of experience in this industry, they were able to keep their clients pages ranking well.

Google has looked at over 20,000 changes in their algorithms and chose 111 of them to include in this update. The purpose of the update is to penalize web spammers and reward well written, high quality content. The content must now be relevant to what Google thinks the company is trying to accomplish. Gone are the days when you could have a rabbit site with an article about baking cookies and receive credit.

The first change that had to occur for many companies was that duplicate content had to be removed from the Internet. Google now greatly penalizes companies that post the content in many different locations. Therefore, content had to be developed quickly that was truly unique. Google and other search engines are now rewarding content that is well written and shows up only on the client’s website.

The second change that had to occur quickly was the removal of links that had little relevancy to each other. Google has announced that they will reward links between articles that are unique and related to each other. This means that more articles must be written that are unique on closely related topics.

The third change that Penguin has initiated is the keyword density is even lower. In the past, certain words were written into article a high number of times. These words, known as keywords, often appeared at a three percent density or higher. Now, Google has announced the abandonment of this plan. Instead, they will rate the articles submitted to them for their overall idea. Keywords must occur naturally within the text.

The fourth change that web-masters need to be aware of is that all websites must have great navigation. Google will now reward sites that are easy for the user to navigate. The user should be able to find quickly exactly what they are looking for on your site.

These changes will be followed by more changes to come. Therefore, it is necessary to work with a SEO company that is ready for the changes.


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