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The implementation of production and assembly of cell phone jammer influence a lot

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Imaging results are not bad. Our 7710 mobile phone is to use a CMOS camera, compared to other professional camera phones can be less, but we use every day is enough, unfortunately he does not support full-screen viewfinder and only 2 times digital zoom.The amount of charge on each component depends on the light intensity, this is our traditional camera like it suffered. Then, each component in turn information to the converter. In addition, Nokia camera phones n90 lens also uses a CMOS sensor, but his excellent photographic effect is because he is the first Carl Zeiss optics communications products, and he is Nokia’s first megapixel auto focus mobile phone . So the effects of good or bad can not simply look at the lens material to sentence. CCD called the Charged Coupled Device Chinese translated into the electronic coupling components. How to manage the site area of manufacturing and assembling cell phone jammer .
He is on a digital camera sensor light imaging component. His system, just like a traditional camera film circuit of the induction of light position. He will affect the final photo imaging. His works is very simple, the key to the oh. Anything the most important principle. . . He is composed by a large number of independent of the photosensitive element, and when we pressed the shutter, the light passing through the lens exposure on the photosensitive elements arranged in accordance with the matrix, the light was turned into the charge. The implementation of production and assembly of cell phone jammer  influence a lot.
Analog converter, analog signals into a digital signal, digital signal is compressed to a certain format into the cache, this time, a digital photo, was born. Simple, we can imaging principle clearly and logically. Knowledge of the mobile phone video formats. Since 2001 the first 256-color color mobile phones Ericsson t68 since the advent of color mobile phones in a short period of four years is almost accounted for the lion’s share of the mobile phone market, play a video file additional features for color mobile phones are popular, However, different phones support different video formats. Such as smart phones tend to support the RM WMV, AVI video, while the ordinary mobile phone is more popular to play 3GPP MPEG4 format video. The site management of  phone jammer is one of the inspection items.
Called the 3GPP 3G Partnership, Protect the Chinese translation for the Third Generation Partnership Project, 3GPP video is a multimedia standard, support for MPEG-4 and H.263 video coding agreement with ACC Advanced Audio Coding and AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate audio standards. See here may be feeling very strenuous. It does not matter, this is just a definition of it. 3GPP video that we usually see the use of H.263, the AMR NB coding protocol, it can provide 30 frames / sec in the low rate of 128KB / S smooth screen, the phone can be online on-demand. In terms of the current situation applies to mobile phones with small memory capacity, 3GPP video format is very easy to be sent by MMS MMS. The workshop is carrying out the lean production of  cell phone jammer .


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