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The Importance of Belt Conveyor in Mining

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Belt conveyor is also called continuity conveyor, which is a kind of machinery transporting materials in a certain line continuously. Its transmission line is generally constant, and able to take horizontal or tilting transmission as well as form space transmission lines. The machine has a great transmission capacity and long distance, which can also achieve some process operations simultaneously.

In order to ensure the belt conveyor reliably operates, it is important to timely detect and exclude the possibility of failure, therefore operators must observe the work of transport aircraft at any time, and any abnormal findings shall be processed in a timely manner. Mechanical workers should be inspected regularly and check for anything or parts that need attention, which is very important. For example, a roller, it may be not very important, but high speed conveyor belt may soon wear its crust and expose a blade, the blade could seriously damage an expensive conveyor belt. Trained workers or experienced staff should detect impending accident and prevent before they happen. Conveyor belt accounts for a considerable proportion of the entire conveyor cost, in order to reduce the cost of replacement and maintenance of conveyor belts; we must pay attention on the knowledge training of operators and maintenance personnel in operation and maintenance of belt conveyor.

We offer industrial belt conveyors for general material handling purpose of factories, engineering plants etc. The range includes conveyors for conveying light, medium and heavy loads along different conveying paths like inclination, curve etc. We provide different types of belt conveyors that are available in various materials and dimensions. china magnetic separator:
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As the belt conveyor obtained a series of brilliant achievements in industrial field, it got the wide attention of all social sectors. In order to better improve popularity of belt conveyor produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD, we need to further create image of enterprise and people at levels who manage belt conveyor in Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co. Recently our company formally complete large outdoor advertising group.

Inside a mining operation, the conveyor belts are equipped with many rotary and movable elements that are exposed to human contact a lot of the time, demanding specific attention. Some standard cares are essential to keep away from the risks of accidents that may perhaps trigger each damages towards the conveyor components (with gear halting, reduction of plant availability and production loss), and physical damages, which can be the most significant. Hongxing conveyor belts are made use of to approach quartz , limestone , basalt, chrome , dolomite, feldspar, fluorite, kaolin ore, marble , granite , iron ore ,copper ore , sandstone, silica , gold ore , silver ore , lead ore , manganese ore , tin ore and so on materials.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is a professional mining machinery company. Belt conveyor made by our company can transmit various materials economically and effectively. During industrial production, belt conveyor can be used as a link among equipments in order to realize the continuity and automation, improve productivity, and reduce labor intensity.

Henan Hongxing a prominent mining machinery manufacturer in China,such as ore beneficiation, we provide you with quality mineral processing plant and machinery at an excellent price.


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