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The Importance of Drip Irrigation System

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This type of irrigation otherwise known as micro was invented in the late sixties when farmers saw the need to increase their produce. With this kind of irrigation, very little water is required as it mainly supply water around the roots. It started its large scale and commercial services operations in eighties and has succeeded in meeting the intended goals since its inception. The techniques were not only confined to large scale farmers but also small scale. To date, drip irrigation system has remained the best ever solution to the problem of irregular around the globe
Drip irrigation therefore derives its name from the way water is set to drip at a very slow pace around the root area. It is also referred to as trickle irrigation. When one uses this kind of irrigation, the possibility of leaching is minimized as only the required moisture content is maintained. It allows a plant to maximize on the utilization of nutrients in the soil leading to very high yields. When there is a limited distribution of water, it leads to a myriad of problems which can be checked by use of a drip system.
When drip irrigation is used the balance of required air and water in the soil is maintained making plants to grow well and cut down on farming costs. Diseases that are associated with dampness are kept at bay hence taking a way the burden of spending money on chemicals. It installation costs are low and can be practiced anywhere with limited space and low levels of water supplies. Unlike other types of irrigation, micro irrigation is flexible especially in times of drastic changes in weather patterns. This is more important during drought when water sources dry up causing acute shortages.

There are two firms which deal with the supply irrigation systems: Jain irrigation systems ltd and Harvel Azud pvt Ltd. They deal in all installation materials you would require when choosing to go farming by irrigation. For installation of drip system these two firms can assist you achieve your goals by providing the best materials and also offer advice on the best way to install them.

Compared to other systems, trickle irrigation suits any kind of a layout anywhere and is for all classes. You can use this to meet a wide range of requirements in irrigating your farm. Drip emitters and micro sprinklers are used to distribute water evenly with the latter covering a wider area and is used where the former cannot be used. However, they perform the same function and are reliable.

Economically, drip irrigation is more advantageous because it has a very low flow rate which is given at 1 to 4 gallons per hour.  Micro sprinklers are rated between5 to 45 (g.p.h). In conventional systems, so much water is normally wasted through runoffs, evaporation by either wind or the sun. Drip is mainly concentrated at the root and this ensures efficiency and increased yields.


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