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The importance of investor stewardship and code of business conduct

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One of the most important rules for a consultancy is to do everything is possible to maintain a balanced position among many interests of its clients. Anyway, avoiding conflicts of interest is not easy as it seems to be. This is why Sodali, a leading global practitioner of Institutional Investor Relations, decided to adopt a code of business conduct in order to ensure its clients on the conflict-free nature of the company. Obviously, all members of the Sodali team are obligated to honor rules that are inside the code.

This code of business conduct was designed and adopted by Sodali in September 2011, it has a clean structure and contains five basic points, which regulate many aspects of Sodali business, especially setting necessary priorities among its several and complex dynamics. First of all points says that Sodali’s commitment is to give priority to clients interests. Sodali does not provide products or services that can damage relationship with clients or institutional investors. Furthermore, Sodali protects the interests of its clients and of the long-term company investor against new assignments that are in conflict with them. This form of investor stewardship is motivated by the need to be trusted by companies and institutional investors, because Sodali works as a gatekeeper to relations between them. One more key point of the code is to operate confidentially and don’t misuse the private and valuable information of its clients. Accordingly, Sodali does not disclose confidential information publicly or sell it to any third party.

Another one important aspect of the code is that Sodali does not use standardized consultancy services. Sodali is a global company with offices in many important cities of the world, and its goal is to add value for the clients of the different nations, providing services that are customized according to the specific context of the single country, considering local business practices and legal requirements.

Sodali’s reputation is based on its competencies in good corporate governance, ethical business practices and effective policies relating to the environment, investor stewardship, fair treatment of shareholders, societal issues, stakeholders and the wellbeing of communities served by client companies. This code of business conduct strengthens the relationship between Sodali and its clients, ensuring them on professionalism of Sodali’s consultancy services and improving their long-term performances.


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  • Posted On July 18, 2012
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