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There have been increasing numbers of reports and articles in various media outlets over the last year about “mommy makeovers”. What is a “mommy makeover”? The “mommy makeover” is a combination of surgical procedures that seeks to correct post-pregnancy and post-nursing problems of excess abdominal skin, abdominal wall prominence, increased flank fat deposits, and deflated, sagging breasts. In short the “mommy makeover” seeks to restore a mother’s pre-pregnancy body.


The surgical procedures which will correct these problems are a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), flank liposuction, and breast augmentation/breast lift (mastopexy).

15-20 years ago, there were not many women who could afford all of these procedures. And so rather than correct only part of the problem, many chose to do nothing. But over the same time, incomes have risen faster than cosmetic surgery fees. This is because competition among aesthetic surgeons has kept fees relatively constant. And, in addition, many more board-certified plastic surgeons have in-office, accredited 0R suites where costs are significantly lower than hospitals or even ambulatory surgical facilities. So, as the relative costs of these procedures have fallen against incomes, more and more women can afford to do all of the procedures.

Also 15-20 years ago, these procedures could only safely be done in two, or even three, stages. Few women could afford to take so much time away from job or childcare. In the complication rates could be daunting to some. Now, however, surgical and anesthesia techniques have evolved such that the entire makeover can be safely and economically accomplished in one stage.

Voilà! The mommy makeover!



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