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The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection

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“Series” usually refers to the same person on various scene and environment shooting, or for the film a short story of photos. But, this concept can also is to point to the same scene. The following photos of electrical lighting, flash and the camera’s Settings, and point area are to remain the same.

A, invert it outstanding theme

(1) character center, outstanding individual character

The individual character of absolute classic IBM 02k6488 battery like a big shot lights collection

The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection


50 mm | f4.5 | 1/125 s | ISO 100 |

The practice is like shooting: don’t let people face in the middle of the picture, and these pictures but the opposite of the way. As a result, urgent sense in these photos constantly improved.

When shooting the aperture of the choice for f4.5 value, so get sharpness scope is small and the center of gravity of the photos directly on the face and in the eyes of the models. Background of match colors are consistent. Every picture, everyone the scene at the end to the unique individual character characteristic, because they want how appeared in photos all determine by themselves. The most important is, as a photographer, you will create a layout can be IBM 02k6503 battery repeated the scene, so, perhaps in a year later you and can be so sets on a another group under similar photos.

2) eyes has light, attract view

In a series of photos before, it is cold light build a kind of cool atmosphere, and the series though is character center, but more human and more emotional. We will be in addition to each picture are made into a black and white as beyond, filming also is interested in lens and the distance between the model, very near. These photographs of the section is very compact, the shooting to use when the ring lights eyes in model formed a circle circle reciprocating effect, and this has become the focus of the viewer to attract eyes. These models through their expressions have molded a connected factors.

The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection


24 to 35 mm | f4.5 | 1/250 s | ISO 800 |

Filming, each model can be free to choose what to do before the camera. To look straight into the camera, looking at play their hair, shy have to hide… What all can. Here the each picture can be as separate portrait photography works there. But, if they are assembled into a picture album or hang them together, can produce a completely different effect. Although these photos or like as before has his own personality, but model the eyes efficacy make they had some connection, and became the higher portrait photography works.

Second, the plot arrangement

The story can be read, but also can see: the style is unified photographing method can will separate photos into a story. The concept of photography paper is: will the transformation of content through a lens displays. This also means that the important thing is the whole series and stories, not single photo.

Three, aggressive philosophy from window to begin

Now the s, in the street, on the bus, metope…… Put up colorful advertising as, among them provocative, additional kind of style is popular. If you just shooting IBM 02k6507 battery some very traditional style photos, I’m afraid I can’t find the right propaganda position. That we might as well try a challenging photos: with comparative and intense black and white as different as general hairstyle as propaganda. So this series is how effective? How to seize the viewer’s attention?

The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection

The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection

This series is the beginning of a pure provocative photos (figure 1). Photos of the model in the hair is not important, the picture’s role is to attract eyeball. See chart 2, the viewer will know that this series is what about the pictures. In the photo is a fashionable young man: deep in the eyes, plus matching surfers hair style “, let a person feel shine at the moment. Figure 3 is a stylist is model do photos of the hair. As long as the scene decorate proper, such pictures can let the viewer feel very interesting. In the photo, was tailored the hairstyle division of the hand to the viewer left big interpretation of space. “Don Juan” (figure 4) : what a woman doesn’t like the man in the photo eyes? The man look straight into the eyes of the viewer to feel is being “staring at the”, then automatically will look to the next picture. Figure 5 shows is a symmetric pictures of the asymmetry, the more obvious.

Obviously, the focus of this series is the young men and women. A lot of doubt, forecasting can set to this situation. For example, he was waiting for her? She want to give him a surprise? What they are going to do? Each viewer can in IBM 02k6509 battery these photos found many problems, of course, the better, because the story vitality would depend on people’s imagination and abilities.

In this series, steps were used as the auxiliary tool on the style. These steps form a good background, although they are the structure, but through the pattern of the repeated again makes them neither transfer people’s attention, also won’t take the original theme-the young people-thunder. In the choice of aperture open degree, we wanted to let the sharpness of the young people on the face, and make them from the background emerges.

Four, make warmth filming documentary

When shooting into long-term some is very necessary. So, you take the photos out in a few years can be formed after a unique time documentary.

In daily life, people tend to different reasons in a time converge in a particular place, such as family party, the students gathered, and some other or regularly, or random’s party. On these occasions, as photographic lovers, we need to bring a camera? Of course! So, we should how long shutter release next time interval in key, take a picture? The answer is “at any time!”

The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection

In this case, the highest state of shooting is not the pursuit of technical perfect, but to those who can record the time shot a scene so they keep in the image. Of course, this is not to say, you have to IBM 02k6516 battery completely give up all the efforts of the composition. But please remember: compared with the “form”, “content” is much more important, especially in those precious moments as “content”.

Who can resist the old photos charm? As part of the memory series, old photos’s carrying more than just the connotation of a few centimeters of the picture of the content contained. Imagine that you are still not sure today, he is a nice took the photo, or a picture of the ugly pictures, but one day, it will become a make you excited about “old photos”.

Five, and tap the picture relevance

If you intend to film a series of photos, so premise is to have a clear idea. Just think: these photos should have what kind of the common characteristic. If in the end, you take out from the vision of the pictures look no relation, so you just took a pile of a wide variety of single photo.

The individual character of absolute classic like a big shot lights collection


77 mm | f9 | 1/160 s | ISO 50 |

Because colour and form should be the only connection tags, so we give each a “painting”, chose the different “bottom”, that is, different model. So, as a common element has been ruled out the possibility of……. But, in order not to let all kinds of electrical lighting, posture, facial expression and the IBM 02k6517 battery whole series looks desultorily, we still give models have taken a strict conditions and regulations, all aspects will be standardized.

During the filming all the pictures, the camera’s focus changed, the aperture did not change, the light condition also have no change. This can make these “painting” the viewer to get the same attention. In these photos, model people have become the drawing board, while the same form of monochromatic light makes these works of art-like the paintings in the gallery-features more outstanding.


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