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The influence of dating sites in mixed-race couples

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Mixing cultures is not something new, but many friendship or dating sites, sometimes completely free, have made it more accessible.

Although there are places where crossbreeding is more common (in Spain we can clearly see that in places such as Ceuta and Melilla, where Christian and Muslim cultures have lived together for years), the truth is that these sites are about sharing something more than a space limited by political boundaries, such as love, a life or a future together.


This is all well known by, the group of sites Amistarium – Datanta, where many couples of different nationalities and cultures have found the love of their lives or a casual relationship, since that option is also available on the site. is a global site

Unlike other dating sites with limited geographical scope, Datanta covers a great part of the five continents: from France to Mexico, Brazil ot India.



Amistarium – Datanta received more than one million visits a month from 172 countries.

This is extracted from data provided by Google Analytics, whereby we can conclude that Spaniards, Mexicans, Colombians and Americans are the most assiduous visitors in that order, but it is people from Central Asia who spend more time surfing the site, whereas most of the new visits come from Oceania, America and Africa.



Multicultural love stories

This multiculturalism promoted by the successful free dating website  Amistarium – Datanta has helped creating an endless number of couples with incredible real love stories and no boundaries. (Names have been changed to maintain users’ anonymity).


·        Rania and Marcelo. Rania comes from India. She’s got beautiful, expressive eyes and long, silky hair. “But that’s not what made me fall in love with her”, says Marcelo, a young Colombian entrepreneur who joined Datanta to meet “the sweetest woman I have ever met”. Their love story developed with each keystroke for months. Then, Marcelo travelled to India in order to meet Rania and her family and many trips followed that one. Today, Marcelo and Rania live happily in Barcelona. They are already planning their wedding, which will take place in November.


·        Another happy ending features, for the last three months, Paola and Marco Antonio: she, Italian, was a manager in one of the most exclusive clothes shop in Rome and accumulated love fiascos: “Very often I had the feeling that men were only attracted by my looks”, says Paola, whose beauty is enviable, but Marco Antonio, a Chilean vet who was looking for his better half, did not mind it. A hopeless romantic, Marco Antonio fell madly in love with Paola, who had only put up a photo of her face on Datanta. After two months, Marco Antonio looked for a vet job in Rome and moved together with his love, and together they enjoy a continuous honeymoon.


·        More complicated was the love story between Dam and Cinthya, a 36-year-old from Senegal and a 22-year-old American, a former Harvard student. Cinthya’s parents thought she was too young to start a relationship with an older person who lived so far away, but their love was stronger than parental objections. Today, Dam and Cinthya live together in Paris. She works as a lawyer in one of the city’s law firms and he is a chef in a distinguished restaurant. He gets on very well with his parents-in-law thanks to his cheerful character and his love for Cinthya.


These are three examples of love between people from different countries and cultures, but not the only ones among the many love stories: interculturalism promotes love and Datanta is an expert in that. Not in vain, since right now, another couple from different cultures could be starting. It surely is.






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