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The Keep in Touch With Two Way Radios in Emergencies

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Two way radios are a terrific way of staying in communication and fall into two different categories. There is the FRS, or Family Radio Service type of radios, which can be operated without a license, but have a 2 mile limit on their transmission range. GMRS radios can have up to 50W for transmitting power but most falls into the 1W to 5W range.

Two way radios communications is a way of making immediate contact with talk groups. For instance, if the police department of one city is using certain frequencies, all another officer has to do is push a button on his hand held radio to make a contact. This can be very important in the event that an officer has been shot or hurt. If they used a cell phone instead, their message would be greatly delayed, maybe even costing a life. Ambulances use two way radios to communicate with the hospital about a patient’s condition so that doctors and nurses can give instructions to medics in the field or simply be prepared to handle the injured or sick person’s needs as soon as they arrive.

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There are many differing feature sets to Radio Factory so it is important to consider what the radio is going to be used for. Back lighting is necessary if you are going to be operating in the dark. Use the listed range of transmission as a guideline only, as obstacles in the line of sight can seriously hamper the performance of these radios.

Other features you might like to have in your two way radios are automatic squelch for easier operation. Auto scan is another handy feature for keeping on top of conversations. Adjustable power levels is great for when you know you are going to be away from a handy wall socket, so you still have the power when you need it most. It is important before purchasing, to have a clearly written list of features you need, before deciding on the model that is right for you.

Battery life for Two Way Radios is based around 95% standby, 2% reception, and 3% transmission. The display screens are large, but you can get a lot of information on the screen like battery life, clock/time, alarm, stopwatch, digital compass, thermometer, and indicators for transmitting or receiving a signal. LCD display screens are easier to see in changing light conditions so look for a model that offers that. Talk confirmation lets your other party know when you are done talking and when it’s safe for them to respond. Memory location will store the channels you use most so you can access them more quickly.

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  • Posted On May 10, 2012
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