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The Key Advantages of Taking Server Colocation Services

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The majority of businesses these days greatly rely on IT infrastructure and services in order to carry their day to day activities and to provide services to their clients. The maintenance and security of servers could prove a very strenuous and time-consuming job for the business organizations and may left them with little time and energy to focus on other core areas. Not only this, but establishing an in-house data center is a task that demands huge expenditure on both initial installation and later maintenance of servers. This is the reason that server colocation services are becoming popular these days as the colocation service providing firms offer high quality services at reasonable prices.

Colocation of Servers

Colocation itself signifies placing different items at a central location. In the context of colocation of servers or server colocation, these items are servers belonging to a particular organization that are placed in a colocation facility of a third party service provider. In the colocation center services like server space, electricity, cooling, physical security, and maintenance (in case of managed colocation of servers) are provided on rental basis.

The colocation option has gained much popularity among the modern organizations due to the benefits that it offers. Some key advantages of taking server colocation services are given below:

Outsourcing Hosting Needs

A business with hosting needs can outsource the task by using colocation services. By entrusting the data handling and protection task to a colocation service provider, a business can operate more effectively and the entrepreneur gets more time to focus his attention on core business areas rather than worrying about data handling and security. Although in server colocation the maintenance of server remains a task to be undertaken by the outsourcing firm, server maintenance can also be done by the colocation provider in case your firm has opted for the managed service.

High Level of Data Security

Colocation providers are specialists in their field; hence your crucial organizational data is completely secure with them. The modern colocation centers make use of the most advanced security systems that safeguard your data against potential threats like unauthorized access, theft, hacking, corruption, viruses, malwares, fire, and even calamities. This level of security is not possible with firms who have in-house data center, and then also, the in-house data center proves much costly in comparison to the colocation center services.

Reliable Service

The colocation service providing firms, being professional in their domain, provide the most reliable services to you. These centers possess the most advanced equipment and efficient personnel in order to provide world class services. The network downtimes are almost eliminated with this service, and even if there is any issue, you may contact on the service provider’s helpline 24×7 regarding it, and in most cases your issue will be resolved in no time because they are experts in this field.

High and Flexible Bandwidth

Companies with web based business usually require a very high bandwidth, but high bandwidth means high prices. In case of colocation service it is not so; you may share the bandwidth with the colocation service provider. The bandwidth so obtained would be economical and flexible as well.

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