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The Key Reason Why Phonetail Is Better Than Tiger Text Part II

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You will need TWO TO TANGO – In purchase to utilize Tiger Text, equally users have to have it set up on their cell phones. This particular suggests if your other individual you happen to be speaking with carries a BlackBerry or Android cell phone, you won’t be capable of make use of Tiger Text. Relating to Tiger Text’s site, they are presently focusing on support for both Android & BlackBerry, but simply no release time frame has been granted. Phonetail doesn’t involve equally users to achieve the item installed. This suggests it doesn’t really make a difference the cellular phone used by the other person. They will can send you a message employing an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone, and all their messages will likely be concealed through see once it grows to your telephone.

UNDETECTABLE – Tiger Text’s famous appears on your own phone. This isn’t good news if someone else your identiity hiding sms messages from experiences your phone and asks how you get Tiger Text put in. Phonetail is 100% invisible, in order to leave your mobile phone laying around in and also when someone experiences all your programs, they won’t find any footprints of Phonetail.

SUPPORTED Mobile devices – This is why it gets to be a bit tough to compare these products. Tiger Text works ONLY about the iPhone, with future versions of BlackBerry and Android inside the works. Phonetail works ONLY on Symbian and Windows Cellphones. It will likely be nice when Tiger Text supports Symbian and Windows Mobile and when Phonetail supports iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. This would enable me to create a fair comparing between the two. Unfortunately, all I can do is merely compare top features of each product, inspite of the os.


During my personal thoughts and opinions, Phonetail is the foremost product. Phonetail doesn’t delete the messages, and often will keep preferably hide all texting, MMS mail messages, and get in touch with background via public view. This implies you actually, and only an individual, get the mail messages if you ever will need to go returning and also seize several facts away from a currently directed or maybe been given meaning. Moreover, Phonetail doesn’t require that will you together with another person have Phonetail put in. As extended on your own Phonetail installed on your current cellphone, your own personal mobile phone, all transmission via connections in which you’ve discovered is going to be 100% safeguarded and won’t search everywhere on your own cellphone.

This is how Phonetail excels, due to the fact Gambling Text message has absolutely no safeguard in the event the other individual as their connection you want to keep top secret, cell phone calls or perhaps directs a MMS to you. Picture for anyone who is “sneaking around” and also the “other” human being chooses for you to contact you as well as mail any MMS. Breated. Or maybe picture for anyone who is leave your own phone within your place of work plus your bf/gf sends a personal MMS on your mobile phone? In both circumstances, Gambling Text delivers actually zero defense because it’s on a solely sms messages versus Phonetail which takes care of almost all interaction.

It’s therefore i always feel Phonetail will be the superior product. I just now wish they Phonetail with the iPhone, because while Phonetail easily arrives number one, you wouldn’t be capable of buy it if you owned an apple iphone.

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