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The kind of job the social service organization in Kolkata performs

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You are familiar with different types of organizations, exists in our society. You are familiar with schools, hospitals, offices, business houses, etc. as social organizations. These serve the society differently. On the other hand, there are some social welfare organizations also. As we live in society, we feel concern to it. Everybody takes part not only in social events but also wants to take part in social development process also.

Unlike school, colleges, hospitals; NGOs have also some objectives. These social organizations want to uplift the social and economical status of the downtrodden section of the society. To deal with different types of social problems, the role of the NGOs is very crucial. It can awaken a society to fight against any kind of social evil.

Now, you may have some different questions regarding the social service organizations in Kolkata. You may want to know, how many NGOs are there in Kolkata or, you may have questions such as, what kind of social services these agencies provide for the poorer section of the society, etc. Yes, these are the important questions therefore, answered below. Go through the next paragraphs and you would get the answers to your queries as well.

A few likeminded persons may plan to set up an NGO at any place in India. These are actually nonprofit and apolitical organizations. The motto of these organizations is to alleviate sufferings of the people. A social welfare agency takes part in the development process of a locality. The more and more people would participate in the development process of our country, the country would grow rapidly. Therefore, every effort from these social welfare agencies is of high importance for the growth of the country.

NGOs (Non Government Organizations) are nowadays playing a responsible role in uplifting the standard of the society. Donation is though the primary source of fund for these agencies still, as per their capacity they are contributing to the society. These agencies are facilitating vocational training, basic education, higher education, health care facilities, etc.  for the downtrodden section of the society. On the other hand, NGO in Kolkata is also involved in promoting traditional art and culture of the society.

Providing social welfare service or taking part in social development is not one-man’s business. Everybody needs to contribute for the development of the society. Otherwise, development of a society can’t be take place. Initiatives from government are also of utmost importance. Development not only influences the downtrodden part of the society but the society in a whole. Therefore, supporting a social service organization in Kolkata, which you can, would be beneficial not only to the society but for you also. Now you are familiar with the types of jobs, the social service organizations perform for the welfare and development of the society. If you are interested in taking part in this field then can do it by joining an NGO in Kolkata.


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