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The knowledge about PDF you can’t miss

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Abstract: PDF file is one of the most comment documents for business and personal information sharing and storage. PDF documents are great tools for cross-platform communication of ideas and collaboration, however sometimes you need the ability to convert a PDF back to the Microsoft PowerPoint format that create the presentation to be able edit and update it.

Can we use Adobe Reader to edit PDF files?

The answer is no. You can not use Adobe Reader to permanent changes to PDF files. However, the author of the PDF file to enable the number of similar editing functions, you can use Adobe Reader to perform these functions. For example, you can highlight text, you can also add comments in the electronic note. PDF editor is a decent choice for us to edit pdf files. (Hot link: best mac pdf editor)

Can create PDF files using Adobe Reader?

The answer is yes. With this Reader, we can use the “Online Create Adobe PDF” service, you can create PDF files. Also we can use some professional pdf creators to help us to create pdf files. For mac user, you maybe click here: PDF Creator for Mac to visit more information.

What is the difference between Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat are two different products, they can seamlessly collaborate. They can be used to view, search, validate and print Adobe PDF files using Adobe Reader, you can also digitally sign Adobe PDF files as well as for collaborate. Can start the workflow using Adobe Acrobat, and can create, merge, collection and control of the information contained in the Adobe PDF files, and collaborate for the information.

Steps to edit PDF files in Acrobat

It is known to all that PDF files are used widely in nowadays such as in business, school…owing to it is a standard document format that allows companies or individuals to distribute protected contents.

Adobe Acrobat is a program designed for viewing PDF files. PDF files are generally not intended to be edited. You can edit a PDF file using the prebuilt functionality of Adobe Acrobat.


1 Open your PDF file with Acrobat. Left click on “Document.”

2 Bring your mouse to click on any section in your document to edit data and information. You can virtually click anywhere you’d like to edit text or any image. Click the “Tools” option on the top navigation bar. It is that easy.

3 Click inside the text to edit in the PDF. A bounding box appears.

4 If you are having any trouble during when you edit a PDF file, you can always get more information on Adobe’s support center and they also have a detailed article here:

5 To convert your finished document to a .PDF file, you will need to use your tool bar to complete this. Click above on your toolbar on the “Convert to Adobe PDF” in your pull down menu. See, editing PDF files in Acrobat isn’t so hard.

How to edit PDF files?

First of all, we must understand what is PDF, and secondly we need to know what is the Adobe Reader software?

Adobe Reader is a free PDF reader software, it can open, view, search, verify and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files, the official release of Adobe PDF reader, such documents digitally signature. So far, Adobe Reader has 23 kinds of platforms in worldwide in 26 languages ​​distributing over 500 million copies. In addition, PDF reader, Foxit reader, you can go to the site PDF reader mac free area to search information.

Conclusion: All the above are some basic inforamtion about PDF files, if you have  more questions or information, you can feel free to put forward here.


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