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The kopeck longed for extremely wins the profession 6th championship

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The kopeck longed for extremely wins the profession 6th championship, regarding this Brown also acknowledged that the kopeck hope also infected the entire unit. “when we meet, he first said to me is this,” Brown said that “just started in the season, is the season intermediate stage, as well as the season final stage, he unceasing reminds me. He wants to drop 6 champions, he plays a ball game is for this. He fights for the champion.” If Lakers vibram fivefingers flow  this season is unable to win the championship, then this season is representing disappointedly, regarding the kopeck has given the affirmative answer, “has been natural, that is the only reason which we play a ball game.” “we set up the standard for ourselves, we set up the goal for ourselves,” Brown said that “, if we do not win 16 playoff (to win next 16 competition representative to win the championship), then we will feel disappointed.” “in the middle of the playoff, anything possibly occurs, therefore you must go to hitting well, must have the striving for victory hope, this kind of hope must surpass anybody, and goes to realization diligently.”Jiasuoer said that “, if we such do from the first competition, and has established the main key, then we will have the very good opportunity.” “I anticipated very much the playoff the start, what does have a look at our performance to be able to be.”The kopeck said.
LeBron this makes a masterly opening move, chops the entire audience highest 32 points, becomes in the Heat history sixth to chop a playoff 500 point player at least, this is also in his playoff history 41st time chops next 30+. This competition, LeBron 14 throw in 10, the hit probability reaches as high as 71.4%, also sets the record of his playoff profession highest hit probability. After the game, LeBron took the friendly only player to attend the vibram five fingers kSO terk press conference, but the regular season he was accepts the interview in the changing room. Presents, LeBron is putting on the light water red western-style clothing, the full beard originally has also been shaved clean, turned sparsely “the goat beard”, appears very neat. After the game, had reporter to note this detail, and inquired to LeBron, the latter has smiled, “present, this was the new season, therefore ……Ha-ha, I felt that returned to beforehand boy time such semblance.” This competition second, Chandler and LeBron bump into, is blown the first-level evil intention to violate a regulation, this time violates a regulation also arouses the universal interest.
LeBron said that “I at that time definitely was have been hit, is somewhat sore, but the present has been all right.”He expressed Chandler at that time did the shield is very blind, has not noted the match to run over, but he will not fear such evil intention to violate a regulation, “I before, but will play the rugby, I have encountered the hit have been seriously more than this.” Regarding LeBron and friendly, the playoff starts, is their second season, is also a brand-new season, emperor must prove itself. Perhaps because of for this reason, before LeBron was shaving the full beard, exchanged “the goat beard”, declared the brand-new image and the point of view.

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