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The Lowdown on Using Natural Personal Care Products

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Despite the visibility of several drugstore and high end cosmetic products, branded pharmaceutical products and such, many have turned “green” and are usually on the hunt for effective, cost-efficient personal care products and health care supplements which do the same as their commercial equivalent. People today by some means still know how to go back and stick to the basics.

Natural and organic beauty products

There is a growing market for women who prefer herbal beauty and personal care products. Buying herbal products not only assure people of safety, but will also motivate them to be sensitive of our environment.

What you should refrain from in personal care products

Talcum powder, parabens, polybutene, mineral oils, and lake dyes – If people can veer away from using products containing these, so much the better. Parabens, put into use as preservatives, trigger untimely aging of the skin and is an allergen. Herbal personal care products mainly use rosemary essential oils, anisic acid, and other plant-derived components to sustain the life of a skin-care product. Mineral oils when used as lotions create risks of cancer in long term use, according to research conducted at the University of Illinois School of Public Health. Moisturizers made from sunflower oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil offer moisture to the skin with out adverse reactions.

Going green does not necessarily mean using products with minor efficiency. Numerous personal care including health care products produced today consist of natural plant-derived substances. Excellent examples are papaya and glycolic acid (derived from sugar canes) present many toners and creams. They are superior exfoliants and skin whitener in comparison with hydroquinone (a popular substance present in countless commercial products and yet is proven to be a carcinogen).
There are lots of organic and holistic personal care products produced these days by companies whose mission is to produce a healthier alternative to commercially made products whilst preserving the surroundings likewise.

Chemical and natural health care dietary supplements

Numerous natural health care dietary supplements are relatively used for prophylactic purposes and not constantly for cure. Garlic, as an example, is found to decrease the triglycerides and bad cholesterol of the body. When used with proper diet and medication, it increases the over-all wellness of a patient. For mental alertness, dietary supplements with gingko biloba and ginseng provide the vital energy to sustain a day’s get the job done.

Milk thistle, a noted liver cleanser and anti-oxidant, serves as a renowned herbal supplement for people with liver issues. Milk thistle comes from a flowering plant and its seeds are used for well over 2000 years as treatment. Additionally, it sustains normal liver performance and safeguards it from toxins. This is certainly one of the best selling herbal health care dietary supplements these days, well suited for patients who take a number of drug or patients who have been cured for alcoholism to aid their livers recuperate.

The list goes on for natural and plant-derived elements which boost the over-all wellbeing of the body. More research and development companies are expected to conduct clinical trials to officially put herbal and natural medication in the market for treatment.

Benjamin Robles is vegetarian and prefers all things organic and natural including organic personal care and all natural
health care nutritional supplements.


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