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The manufacturer of cell phone jammer has increase the production

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The thickness of the screen printing plate is determined in accordance with the printing requirements, usually printed on the ink layer height and thickness of the screen printing plate has a close relationship, in normal circumstances, the use of screen printing plate is thick, printing ink higher, if the screen printing plate thinner, after the printing ink on the lower. This kind of   iphone blocker    has two types.
Screen plates require the use of thick film of photosensitive materials, in exceptional circumstances up to 1 mm thickness. For example: the production of Braille screen printing version of the thickness of 0.1-0.250 mm. By direct plate method, the thickness of the screen printing plate is obtained through a number of sensitive adhesive coating. Coating time, drying time, followed by cycle operation can obtain the required thickness of the mesh plates. By indirect plate method or direct plate method, according to the printing requirements of the thickness of the screen printing plate is obtained through the use of different thickness of the light-sensitive diaphragm. Plate precision with which factors? In the production of screen printing plate, the plate accuracy is mainly related to the following factors. The screen printing plate production is completed should be how to deal with? Screen printed version of the production is completed, to conduct a comprehensive inspection and post-processing. Approach to carry out the following aspects. 3G frequency of    cell phone signal jammer   is 2110-2170MHz.
Check the quality of screen printing plates, including whether all graphic imaging, graphic outlets, lines, whether there are glitches, incomplete, sealed off the pen and mesh phenomenon, if the above conditions shall promptly adopt various methods to remedy. If you can not remedy, may consider re-plate, to ensure the quality of the printing. ② Check the omentum be close up the end of the four sides of the bubble, trachoma, and near the screen frame; bubbles, trachoma should be remedied in time. Close up of the four sides of mesh, to cause Loumo to avoid printing. ③ check printing down the anchor, and compliance with the requirements of printed single. 4 tape mesh screen frame with the adhesive part of the paste, in order to improve the firm bonding of the mesh screen frame. CDMA800 frequency of  cellular phone jammer    is 850-960MHz. The output port of this type of cell phone jammer contains GSM900, GSM1800, 3G and GPSL1.
Screen, including the use of mesh types, the level of screen mesh, wire diameter, thickness, size of the mesh opening area, stretching rate of the mesh size and mesh weave and screen colors, etc.. (2) screen frame, including the screen frame material, the size of the screen frame size and strength of the screen frame. Of ⑶ tension size. ⑷ Stretching angle choice. Of ⑸ network bonding of the box and screen. ⑹ mesh before processing. ⑺ photosensitive material, including the level of sensitivity, resolution of the level of adhesion of the photosensitive material, the expansion rate of the photosensitive film, the thickness of the photosensitive film and photographic film hardness, water resistance, solvent resistance and abrasion resistance and anti-Indian rate high and low. ⑻ sensitizer blending time, placed after the blending time. One is type A and the other is type B.
The emulsion coating. ⑽ drying methods and conditions, including the drying temperature, humidity and drying time. ⑾ proofing, including the light source type, exposure duration of the substrates in the exposure and the distance of the light source. ⑿ photographic plate bottom plate of the density. ⒀ imaging, including imaging methods: developing water, warm water imaging, drug developer; Development conditions: temperature, soaking time, sprinkler type and use. After developing the drying temperature and time. ⒂ second exposure time choice. ⒃ Revised Edition. Then pressurized water spray to clear the graphic part of the residual non-photosensitive material, the graphic part of the mesh holes all modifications, the final wipe water mark and the drying system out of the screen printing plate. How to determine the thickness of the screen printing plate? Of screen printing thickness after the coating of the wire-line sensitive adhesive thickness. : Screen printing plate thickness equal to the screen thickness and of the photosensitive film thickness.


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