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The Meat of the Matter: Why Most People Can’t Do without Meat

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A lot of people these days choose to go vegetarian or pure vegan for both ethical and health reasons. That being said, a huge portion of the global population remains omnivorous and subsists on diets in which meat plays a significant role. This is because humans derive energy and nutrients like protein, minerals, fats, and vitamins from meat, all of which we need to carry out important metabolic functions.

Every person requires substantial amounts of protein, of which meat is an excellent source. Protein makes up the muscles and tissues in our body and performs a vital role in keeping the body generally healthy. It is also responsible for ensuring adequate production of new body cells as well as the restoration of old ones.

The proteins found in meat, which makes up around twenty percent of it, comes in the form of small peptides and amino acids which form antibodies that fight bacteria and prevent infection. They also boost the body’s immune system and protect it from common diseases caused by germs and bacteria all around us. Without protein to boost your immunity, you will easily fall prey to illness and infection and even die.

Meat is a great source of iron, which the human body requires as the main constituent for the development of hemoglobin. This iron-clad metalloprotein carries oxygen to all parts of the body to provide energy. Meat also contains zinc which not only enhances the body’s metabolic function but also helps with tissue development. Meanwhile, selenium, another important mineral in meat, helps decompose excess fat.

On your next meat delivery, you can look forward to getting a healthy dose of vitamins A, B, and D. Vitamin A sustains the skin and vision, and keeps bones and teeth in good working condition. Vitamin B enhances mental health and supports central nervous system development. Lastly, vitamin D boosts calcium and phosphorous absorption to keep bones and teeth healthy.

Although fat has been tremendously vilified, the body needs moderate amounts of fat to function well. Your regular steak delivery ration has a lot of linoleic and palmitoleic acids, fatty acids that protect the body from disease-causing viruses and fatal diseases like cancer. Fat is also necessary for proper brain development.

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