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the methods of maintaining hair straighteners

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    Recently I have time to do your hair, so I want to  change my hair pattern,  so I think

of buying a hair straightener. straighteners for hair is one of the small home appliances

of hair products which girls like best. But, after each using, don’t forget to maintain

straightening irons.
    The method of maintenance for hair straightener is actually pretty simple. how to

maintain the hair straighteners? What must you pay attention to for maintaining the hair

straighteners? Below is the methods of maintaining hair straighteners. I prefer to take chi iron flat  for example.
    The maintenance method for straightener chi
    1> Read the instruction of straighteners and know the structure of the hair

    2> Let the sensor and power disconnect and mechanical and electrical separation;
    3> Let the temperature of the straightening irons confirmed in normal temperature

condition to avoid the iron flat accidentally burning;
    4> Prepare a small piece of pure cotton soft cloth;
    5> Use a small amount of water diluting the heat of the iron flat;
    6> Use twist dry soft cloth to wipe the straightening irons flat, and remove the hair

    7> water with soft cloth for twist dry clean thoroughly again; Use clean soft cloth 9

second clean on board the residual heat cleaning;
    8> Use soft dry cloth to thoroughly dry hot flat;
    9> Using dry soft cloth make sure the iron flat is wiped clean or not;
    10> Check the circuit of hair straightener (mainly wire and plug) if they are in good

condition and no damaged;
    11> Switch on the power, and let the preheating 1-2 minutes straight after natural cool

them down and receive power.


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  • Posted On April 16, 2012
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