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It’s a well noticed fact that girls often choose their best friends as boyfriends. Even the cheesy movies bear fact to this. “Friendly dating” is a decidedly modern concept that works on the much beloved principle of “no strings attached”. As a result due to hectic schedules, girls almost often are in favor of going out with the boys they are most comfortable with and with whom it doesn’t get awkward. Dating at the workplace could lead to “workplace awkwardness” which involves a high degree of discomfort and unease.

Whereas, friendly dating involves no romantic feelings, and so has become an option for people who either don’t have the time to try out new guys or are too scared of the commitment as would be expected in “serious dating”. It has become the trend everywhere to post candid photos of “friendly dates” on social sites etc.

Reasons for this:

As society moves onto newer paths in relationships, it has become almost a mantra that finding the perfect partner for you is well-nigh impossible. “It’s much easier to find water on a planet than to find a great girlfriend” – so says the modern psyche. Generally people accept and believe this fact unequivocally. Anyone who does not believe so is dismissed as “living in la-la land” or being engrossed in the “fine trappings of love” or is simply viewed as being naïve. However, contrary to popular belief it’s not that hard to land a great girlfriend, if you know what to look for and are willing to walk the extra mile.

Points to bear in mind:

If you are looking for dates, amass as much knowledge about women as you can. The more, the better. This is your secret weapon. Making use of psychology and basic courtesy can work wonders.

Getting a good hang of what a woman wants in a man is like gathering stock arrows in your quiver. Everyone loves guys with a great sense of humor. There are many stereotypes: the artist, the sports jock, the funny guy etc. If you are having any of these qualities, use it/them to your advantage. They are what would help you to “up your game” with the ladies.

Women want love – it’s as simple as that. However if you are not serious about someone, don’t lead her on. This could lead to serious heartbreaks. This is where friendly dating might come in handy. Only if you are sure about a woman and feel as if she;s right should you make your move to take it to the next level, the romantic level.

Having proper knowledge of what a girl desires in a man would show that you are empathic and render you desirable to ladies.

So before looking for dates, it is worthwhile to see and study the psychology of women in general and their stereotypes.


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  • Posted On June 18, 2012
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