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The Most Influential Rock and Roll Artists of all Time

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Rock and roll is possibly one of the most abiding genres of music, and definitely the most influential. Many different rock and roll artists have contributed to make this type of music successful and impactful even to this day.

If there is any one rock and rock artist that is synonymous with its music, it is The Beatles. Undoubtedly the most beginnings of modern rock were brought about by The Beatles. From the charming songs of new love to the heavy esoteric influences of eastern sound right through the stirrings of revolution, The Beatles gave not just one generation, but all generations to follow the indestructible power and freedom that pure music can bring. As rock and roll artists, The Beatles were par excellence the voice of their generation, spelling the turbulent 60s like no one else.

As far as rock and roll artists go, there is no voice as distinctive as that of Bob Dylan. No voice that speaks of the hopes and ills of a nation, no voice that fearlessly strums out the pains and fears and anger of a country more clearly than Bob Dylan. Dylan was more than a rock and roll artist. He was a poet and a spokesperson for an entire generation, a generation that dreamed of freedom, of equality, and of revolution. His impact on generations that followed is immeasurable.

Another great out of all the rock and roll artists that we know is the inimitable Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix was more than a rock and roll artist; he was a magician who breathed fire into rock and roll. In 1987, his pathbreaking album, “Are you Experienced” put more power into rock and roll that it ever possessed. His guitar became more than just another instrument that made music, it was a God in its own right.

While people may disagree on who the other influential rock and roll artists are, most folks agree that Elvis Presley deserves a place on the top. Elvis was one of the front running rock and roll artists who changed not just music, but sexual and political mores as well. A white Southerner singing music that was so characteristic of the Blacks – blues with a mix of country and gospel, he brought both sections of the population together with a swagger that was the forte of Elvis.

While the front liners among the rock and roll artists are many, surely The Rolling Stone are among the top and the most favourite of all time. They were the rock and roll artists who gave the world incredibly sophisticated music and indomitably passionate performances. The Stones gave the world unrestrained passion and unbridled, unchecked lack of control.

Rock and roll artists who have influenced people and made an incredible impact on generations to come are many. Some of the rock and roll artists the world will remember for time to come are Chuck Perry, James Brown, Little Richard, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles, to name just a few. The influence that some of the finest rock and roll artists have had on is far too great to measure.

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