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The Necessity of Home Security Fire Safes

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Historically, safes were designed as secure enclosures for valuable possessions. The threat of fire was secondary to theft and water damage. With the advent of fire-retardant materials, safes were constructed to withstand the disastrous effects of a fire. To maintain the interior temperatures, under 350 degrees, was the optimum goal. Currently, safes can have a fire-rating from 30 minutes to 3 hours, with an ISO (European) or UL (U.S.) testing standard requirement. Safes can have a rating of 1250 degrees to 1850 degrees of exterior heat while maintaining a 350 degree interior ceiling. A fire-rating is not a claim of “fire proof” which is a misleading advertising ploy. Steel begins to disintegrate at 2300 degrees and the laws of physics cannot be abridged. Consider the contents you want to protect and choose a safe with a fire-rating that corresponds accordingly.

The term “fire proof safe” is a misnomer. There is in fact, no “fire proof safe” on the market. Steel begins to disintegrate at 2300 degrees and any safe will begin to melt at that temperature. A fire rated safe can provide a certified time period of fire protection before the initiation of any disintegration takes place. A 2-Hour Fire-Rating with all steel construction and “B” Rate Burglary resistance comprise our inventory of fire-rated Safes. All our Fire Safes meet or exceed the International Standard of fire safe design and construction. At a wholesale price, we offer security and fire protection for the home, office or business. The destruction of business and legal documents can retard a company’s growth for years. Many businesses do not survive the devastating effects of a fire. Fire safes are an absolute necessity for any business, office or home. Our complete line of Mesa, Diplomat and Hollon Fire Safes are a wise choice for the storage of irreplaceable documents and possessions. Contact us for a free brochure of our complete inventory of fire safes.


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  • Posted On March 8, 2012
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