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The New Detail Features of Guild Wars 2

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  Colin Johanson, the arch agreeable artist of Guild Wars 2, appear a new column in the the ArenaNet official blog. In it, it explores the abstraction of success of Guild Wars 2 and how best to succeed. An ample allotment of the abstraction is generally to appraise the fun of the game, and may these pleasures can accomplish the bold adorable enough.

  Finally, he noted that the traditional form of brush equipment is rarely seen in the game. Guild Wars 2 makes items upgrade integration into the grade; players distinguish rare items by appearance rather than data. The players are no longer need to play a copy repeatedly just for weak drop, on the contrary, a copy award players to tokens, tokens can be traded in game items. And a copy itself also has a variety of routes, the form that players can choose and explore reduce repeatability copy in a certain extent.

  Johanson comes to variety of dynamic events in the game and personal rich tasks, even if the players repeat actions or return visit and they will feel fresh. Finally, the team dynamic system will be adjusted according to the size of the team. The rewards and experience of each role are calculated separately, and the scalable content has ensured that everyone has something to do, independent resource nodes track designed in order to estimate the player cooperation and share experience.

  Pointed out the public characteristics, Johanson also introduced ArenaNet’s quality testing team, explained the test and game developers work are closely together, and they are very helpful in feedback BUG and adjust recommended to the production team. After their test, the game also conducted company-wide demos, as well as internal testing, what are in order to ensure that the game is interesting enough; he also hopes players can offer their views in the next beta test activities for the improvement of the game.

  Colin Johanson said:”If we choose interesting as the main measure, then can we ignore the traditional paradigm, and design according to the gamers’ favorite? Can we spend time on the meaningful and influential force production, rather than filling the contents and brush experience? Can we create fun enough game to attract you play it many times? I cannot tell you how many times I played the “Hero Heaven”; the game did not give me 25 routine tasks that need to log, I play it so many times just because it is fun! ”

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