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The New Range Of GoPro Australia Comes with FCS Mount

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Loving a motor sport in the yesteryears was more of a buying a heavy bike of around 150cc and heavier and riding through the countryside. Loving motor sport today is more about buying a sports model of 100cc motor bike or even cycling on the rough and edgy roads.

There were long roads in the yesteryears for gaming fun. There is a tough and bumpy road to speed up during the present time. However, one thing has not changed- the passion for recording the moments in visual images. Helping the passion is the new line of GoPro cameras from the HD Action Hero with awesome features.

These cameras are absolutely light weight, mount easy and can be fit into any accessories. Most of these cameras are specifically designed for self shooting so you do not need a pillion rider to help capture your sport.

Be it for the magazine cover of your Sports magazine or for travelogue or even for your own personal adventure, HD Action Hero Camera Australia comes in three different editions:

1.    HD Action Hero Motorsport edition

2.    HD Action Hero Surf edition

3.    HD Action Hero Outdoor edition

HD Action Hero Motorsport Edition Australia- The best thing about this camera is its mounting features. The device can be mounted on the handlebars, ski poles, seat posts and other mountable areas. The mount fits on 0.75”, to 1.4” (1.9cm to 3.5 cm) diameter tubes, on your car’s chain stays, small roll bars or other handles.
HD Action Surf Edition Australia- If you love to sea surf or wish marine filming, try the new surf edition of the camera as it comes with waterproof to 197’ (60m) lens along with the mounting special features. The camera can be worn naked on the body for a complete sea experience or even used with an FCS surf mount.

Because, the camera can view a wide full angled of 170°, medium 120° and narrow 96°, a whole range of images can be captured.
HD Action Hero Outdoor Edition- For all outdoor sports like biking, skiing, kayaking and other activities, try the HD Hero range of outdoor edition. The country sides of Australia provide ample opportunity to mingle in different outdoor activities.

The outdoor camera could be one general shooting device if sport is not a profession yet a passion with you. Most of us like multi-sporting activities like skiing, surfing and biking and cannot buy separate set of cameras meant especially for each activity.

Well the features with HD Action Camera are really conducive to most general sport activities except for very specific sports interests like shooting a high speed motorsport activity or surfing. If you are out on a general tour which involves occasional personal recording as skiing, try the strap that mounts on the head and it gives you the shots you would love to keep forever.

Get the best and widest shot of your sporting or other outdoor fun with the HD Action GoPro Camera Australia and enjoy the sea of accessories with them.


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