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The Next Generation of iPod May on Sale with New iPhone

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Apple’s new products always can arouse people’s interest, especially its most popular iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro and MacBook Aire. In its third-quarter earnings conference call yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that in China, iPhone sales in the third quarter year-on-year has growth of more than 100%. Most people focus attention on its coming the next generation iPhone and nearly forget coupled with the recent avalanche of predictions about the next generation iPhone, so It has forgotten Apple will release two new products – the iPod Touch and iPod nano. We’ve collected and summarize the various rumors about the next generation of iPod products.
1. Release time.
In fact, whether the iPhone, iPad, or the iPod, for most Apple fans, the first concern is that when these products are on sale. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Cho, released a new report, the report claimed that the arrangement of the apple in between September and October are very busy, the next generation iPhone released in September and October is already a certainty, while single sale of an iPhone, but does not let Apple’s arrangement is very busy, “and then in view of the Ming-Chi Cho in the past to provide very accurate information on Apple’s product plans, so we have reason to believe that the next generation of iPod Touch and iPod The nano will also be on sale in September and October, or even possible on sale with the next generation iPhone.
2. Screen appearance
Many medias have report that the next generation iPhone will configure a larger screen. Today, the Japanese blog Macotakara said in a news release, the next generation iPod Touch will also be the same 4-inch LCD monitor configuration and the next generation iPhone.

From the above photos, Apple’s next-generation iPod Touch in the shape, compared to the existing will be more slender, sleek, and has a rectangular display, and a iOS devices, the Home key. iPod Touch will be improved with the new in-cell touch touchscreen technology, the technology Prior to this many people in the industry predict will be applied to the next generation iPhone. But some analysts said the limited initial supply of this touch screen, so shipments of next-generation iPod Touch, will not be too great.
Macotara also reported that Apple’s next-generation iPod nano will also configure a dedicated home key, thickness lower than the current iPod nano, and remove the back of the clip design
In addition, other foreign media also redesigned the new iPod nano will return to the previous version of the “rectangular” design, but the height of the new iPod nano will be only four-fifths of the fifth-generation iPod nano.
3. Material
It is understood that in order to solve the problem in the past iPod touch shell was easy to be hurt, Apple will introduce the new iPod touch, MacBook notebook series aluminum alloy shell material, and provides an optional black and white.
4. Processor
The argument is more concentrated to the next generation of iPod Touch will be equipped with the A5 dual-core processors will be equipped with what type of processor for the iPod nano, and there is no clear-cut explanation.

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