About the origin of cosplay, it is now generally accepted that the birthplace of cosplay and the first cosplay store is Japan, of course, if this concept is now time for the benchmark, then cosplay indeed can be so concerned. But broadly speaking, the true birthplace of animation cosplay is in Western Hemisphere, the United States, even saying that if you really want to discuss about original form of cosplay, I can tell you without hesitation that cosplay first appeared among the several century before the first year of era. Because no matter the dress in the Greek worship existed around 1000 BC, or co-authored the subsequent two great Greek epic “Iliad” and “Odyssey,” the group active in the 8th century BC. The great bard who he (she) actually playing the role of others.The former lead into future generations of the Prophet, seer and successful cosplay the presence of the apostles of God, while the latter is present as the originator of stage drama, superb cosplay epic heroes of those stories. In fact, the meaning cosplay included is not just refer to a visualization of the appearance, what is more important is to cosplay the human heart. Ah, to the point. Then continue to talk about the what the true birthplace of cosplay – the United States

Battle Vixens Cosplay Costume

The purpose of the initial shape of contemporary Cosplay is still out of a commercial form, not like this as a popular taste on consumption. Or more precisely the speaking to U.S, the fact that set the Walt Disney as the true origin of contemporary Cosplay has a very important basis, that is, when the Disney cartoon characters who dress worn by those who have professional production of costumes. Although the present Cosplay costumes, there are many of those who dress up his own sewing. But as the founder of a contemporary Cosplay, own a standardized system of clothing production and organization are necessary conditions.

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