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The output power of this kind of portable cell phone jammer is the main concern

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However, if you do not seek the support of the agents, the new entrants to the mobile phone manufacturers a short period of time is difficult to expand sales, but also need to spend huge sums of money to build a marketing network. To the home appliance industry experience, the dealer may have a greater say than the manufacturer, and higher margins. So, if does not have its own marketing network, is likely to fall troubles. Advertising campaigns and price wars are two of the marketing strategy. Amoi in January-September 2002 Total advertising expenditure of 109.92 million yuan, 39.35 million yuan promotional expenses, exhibition expenses of 14.59 million yuan, 19.76 million yuan of trademark usage, and research development costs of the actual expenditure of just over 6000 million. Panda Mobile 2002 domestic sales of own-brand mobile is estimated to be about 50 million units. The UHF frequency of cell phone jammer means the ultra high frequency.
Has spent over 100 million yuan in 2003 CCTV advertising tender. Kejian (Quote) in the first quarter of last year, the company phone sales margin over 13% to get the third quarter has fallen to below 10%, over the same period operating net interest margin from 3.58% to 1.52%, in which case Still markdowns. TCL, Bird, Konka, Eastcom is also generous to do mobile advertising. Price reductions of the reason is simple. In theory, the price war may have a negative impact, for example, lowering profit margins, the impact of the company’s R & D investment. Product homogeneity is more severe (extremely difficult to change in the short term), the domestic mobile phone manufacturers did not care so far, you seem to survive only long-term strategy at all. This kind of Buy A Cell Phone Jammer can shield GSM, CDMA, DCS and 3G cell phone signal.
Otherwise it will affect sales, and the enthusiasm of dealers, and will not help reduce the company’s existing fixed costs (advertising costs, wages, depreciation of machinery, etc.). Many mobile phone manufacturers to participate in the 2003 CCTV advertising tender, invested heavily in advertising. What is the map? Remove the name brands and attract consumers to buy. In fact there are two main purposes: First, create momentum, access to attract dealers under deposit and order to stimulate the dealer plugs chips, tender bid is equal to the promise “I guarantee will increase in 2003 ad, I assure you sell my home phone; raise the competitive threshold, so that small and medium-sized manufacturers to play gooseberry retreat, no longer on the phone project; the strength of the mobile phone manufacturers to occupy the prime advertising time, you can let the voice of the competitors disappear, does not reach consumers ears. This piece of equipment of 3g Cell Phone Jammer is the medium power type.


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