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The Paleo Diet and the Harmful Effects of Grains and Starches

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Increasing fiber intake is a big step toward improving your overall health, but research suggests you can go farther. The Paleo Diet offers an alternative to processed foods, which are often considered the enemy of nutrition and immune system functions. Citing the toxin content in grains, beans and potatoes (collectively known as GBP), the Paleo Diet stresses a return to consuming nature’s treasures – fruits, root vegetables, eggs and meats/poultry among them.<br>

Can becoming more Paleolithic actually represent advancement in nutrition and dieting? Here is some of the research that suggests going Paleo is a true step forward:<br>

•Grains, beans and potatoes are highly toxic in raw form and can have a major impact on health when eaten without proper preparation. Processing and cooking these foods lowers the toxicity level but does not eliminate it. Improperly cooked “GBPs” can result in serious health problems.<br>

•Everything in the GBP family has a high carbohydrate content, making the foods quickly digested by the body. What does that mean on a chemical level? Your body gets the energy (sugar) rush and crashes shortly thereafter. Foods of this type rank high on the glycemic index and are bad for patients of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, not to mention anyone suffering from poor nutrition and obesity.<br>

•The low vitamin and mineral content in the GBP family means these foods that feel heavy in the body are taking the place of nutritious foods. It is no surprise that detox plans often call for the elimination of processed foods, grains and starches. The accumulation of toxins from GBPs throws off the ability of the immune system to fend off illness and disease.<br>

•Replacing a diet heavy in GBP content reverses energy stores as well as vitamin and mineral content. There is a great deal of mineral content in one of the pariahs of 1980s nutrition: the egg. Since the egg’s Omega-3 content was overlooked back then, it is important to revisit our ideas about cholesterol and healthy foods. Observing a strict Paleo Diet will not mean high cholesterol, but it will certainly increase the amount of essential minerals and antioxidants in the body. Because of the way these foods are digested, it will also mean a steadier energy supply.<br>

•Fish, chicken, meat, nuts and fruits offer a well-rounded nutrition plan. It is helpful to note that the hunter-gatherer tribes still in existence have avoided many of the diseases common to city and suburban cultures. Nutrition experts say these trends can all be traced to back to the diet they observe. While exposure to chemicals will always be higher among city dwellers (through pollution, etc.), the argument vis-à-vis nutritional content is hard to dispute.<br>

Is there a perfect diet out there? While it is hard to make a decision, the Paleo solution answers the bell on many fronts. It offers a diet rich in fiber content, high in antioxidants and complete in both storing energy and easing digestion. Additionally, it may be the best way to shed unwanted pounds and detox the body naturally. Discuss the Paleo Diet with your doctor and use <b><a href=””>fiber supplements</a></b> on the Go to get your recommended daily amounts of soluble fiber.


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