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The Perks of Entering Into a Home Travel Business

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According to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), cruising continues to rank first among tourists and travelers for value and vacation interest. They generate a high repeat rate and are lucrative for those who sell them.  If you are thinking of a fun way to boost your income, it is worthwhile to look into a home travel business because of the many benefits it offers.


Working from home entails more advantages than you think.  While cruise sales continue to be an attractive way to make money , agents enjoy the freedom to attend to their other regular activities.  They can be their own boss and set their own hours. They don’t have to endure a daily commute, and they can meet their clients at a time most convenient for both of them.

A way to maximize your cruise sales is to focus on groups sales.  On the average, a person spends approximately $2,000 on a cruise. Multiply that by four for families and friends traveling together for a total of $8,000. At an 18% of commission, the travel agent reaps $1,440 dollars. Travel agents can service group cruises like girlfriend getaways, family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, business meetings, senior citizens, and affinity groups like book clubs.

A reliable company that you can consider for this profitable business is Cruise Holidays. You can be a full service travel agent but specialize in cruises to garner more profit.  Cruise lines pay 10% to 18% commissions to travel agents, and the more you sell, the more you earn. The Cruise Holidays franchise offers you the advantage of getting commission agreements with major cruise lines so you can start earning the highest commission levels. Cruise Holiday is also an all-inclusive franchisor with no hidden costs, and provides complete training and support for franchisees.

A home travel business is a proven way to boost your income.  In a 2010 report by the CLIA, the United States cruise industry was responsible for $35.1 billion in revenue.  Studies show that Americans are more likely to trust human advisors than faceless websites, and CLIA cites at least 74% of cruisers book their trips through a travel agent.  Indeed, nothing can replace the personal services of a travel agent especially when it’s something as important as your much awaited vacation.

People want the facts straight from a reliable source, and a home travel business gives you the opportunity of not merely being a travel agent but a trusted cruise advisor for your clients.  The trust factor between you and your client is what holds the relationship together, and more significantly, fosters loyalty and more sales.


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