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The Perks of Returning to Israel as a Toshav Hozer

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A huge number of Israeli Jews, their loved ones, and descendants are dispersed around the world due to the huge emigrations which occurred in the past. A number of these individuals want to go back to their homeland, but frequently stress about the costs. The good news is, the Israeli governing administration supplies many benefits for every Toshav Hozer (returning resident) or oleh (immigrant) wishing to reside in the Holy Land. The very idea of aliyah (meaning “ascent”), or the immigration of Jews to Israel, is so significant to the State of Israel which the federal authorities developed the Law of Return. This set of laws provides all the help an immigrant or a returning resident requires to relocate to Israel. The next paragraphs provide the fundamental info you require if you intend to submit an application for new immigrant or returning resident status in Israel.

Returning Residents

Israeli citizens who resided in another country for a long time can be eligible to become Toshav Hozer, or returning residents. Eligible individuals get support and assistance from the federal government, as determined by the Law of Return. This help decreases the costs of going back to Israel by waiving excess baggage charges or taxes for importing a car to Israel. The lower expenses of importing cars as well as other belongings to Israel, along with perks like employment opportunities and guaranteed income, make it simpler for Israeli citizens to return home.

Business people who qualify for returning resident status can also get business counseling through small business growth facilities called MATI. This addresses matters such as strategic business plan development, business supervision, and attainable sources of funding and sponsorships.

To qualify for returning resident status, you have to fulfill the following specifications:

- You must be more than Seventeen years of age.

- You need to have remained in another country for at least 2 years, except if you’re a scientist or small business owner. In these instances, you must have remained abroad for at least 5 years.

- You, your significant other, and your parents must not have been employed at the World Zionist Organization, Jewish Agency, or the State of Israel.

New Immigrants

Eligible Oleh Hadash, or new immigrants, also receive perks from the Law of Return. Many Israeli Jews, their spouses, children, and grandchildren are eligible to become oleh. Soon after getting new immigrant status from the authorities, they obtain monetary benefits, housing and employment support, and educational assistance for higher learning and ulpan (Hebrew Studies).

The most notable benefit is the absorption basket, that helps immigrants make the required arrangements to reside in Israel. This “basket”, provided by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (MOIA), addresses living costs for the first 6 months of a new immigrant’s ulpan, and one year worth of rent.

Moving to Israel is simpler because of the Law of Return and the perks it provides. Visit the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (MOIA) website or get in touch with Israeli travel companies to learn more about applying for new immigrant or returning resident status prior to transferring back to Israel.


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