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The Popularity of Naturism In Canada & Introduction of a Brand New Young Naturist Group

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Naturism inCanada and NewCanadian Young Nudists Naturists Group:
Ask anyone who is not from around here what they think of when they hear “Canada,” and the first response will likely be “Cold.” It’s only the stereotype our nation’s picked up, and with great reason.
It may surprise you, then, to hear that being unclothed is a pretty common thing up here. Not in public, mind you; we are, normally, a quiet, shy culture that attempts to offend no one. But it is a rare Canuck really who’s never gone skinny dipping on a hot July night at a cottage, or stripped off at a deserted beach, or lounged around the house with only a towel.
The most recent Federation of Canadian Naturists survey, conducted by a respected third-party data firm, indicates that about two thirds of Canadians have some degree of nudie in us. Almost half the nation is OK with being unclothed around the home, 60 percent of us like sleeping naked, and totally one-quarter of Canadians think that skinny-dipping in mixed company or stripping off at the strand would be a great notion.

Federation of Canadian Naturists Survey
Ontario alone has at Body Image Pro Gets A Lessons at the FKK Assembly , and we’re aware of a half-dozen other popular areas – and hundreds of unofficial swimming holes – where clothes only ain’t needed. We are, all things considered, at exactly the same latitude as the French Mediterranean coast, with a climate that is highly conducive to the clothing-free life for one-third of the year.
What, though, is a lousy frozen Canadian to do in the cold season, when we are putting on 16 pieces of insulated garments to go plug in the block heater and crank up the snowblower? While it is sometimes tempting to give up and hibernate until spring, there is considering that one event made me incorrigible. My mother decided to consider to change who we are merely because the weather’s less than perfect. We must make do with whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way.
We may not be able to go out in the cold (at least not for long), but the chief reasons for social nudity – the truthfulness, the openness, the independence, the relaxation, the equality, the admiration, the fun – are just like valid inside. So, when we get back from snowshoeing along the lakeshore, we migrate inside, we fire up the furnace, we drop several logs on the


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