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The Popularity of Wedding Invites

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The Indian culture which still relies on the age old adage, “old is gold”, may have taken a long stride on the path of technological development but the customs and traditions of the land still seem to be intact. Albeit, the printed versions of wedding invites have undergone a tremendous evolution over the years and have moved way beyond the conventional scope of conveying the invitation for a wedding ceremony, nevertheless, the custom still holds its traditional value.

The wedding invites which are in trend these days can be broadly categorised as follows:

Religious Wedding Invitations
These wedding invites are quintessentially traditional in nature and make use of some specific motifs and colours which are peculiar to every religion. The motifs and colours employed in the making of these wedding invites are those that are mostly conventional and hold a traditional value.

Interfaith Wedding Invitations
In the yonder days, interfaith weddings were not accepted in the Indian society. However, over the years, the mindsets of people have undergone a lot of changes and with more and more people opting for interfaith marriages, the custom is slowly making its way towards acceptance in the Indian society and therefore, interfaith wedding invites is slowly emerging as a distinct category in the wedding stationary market.

Themed Wedding Invitation Cards
Nowadays, with the availability of a myriad of options regarding planning a wedding ceremony and the availability of those options at one’s fingertips, it is possible to realise every dream. And therefore, every second couple in an effort to do something different is opting for a theme based wedding. These theme based weddings are accompanied with theme based wedding invites which not only perform the function of inviting the guests to the wedding but also give a first impression to the onlooker about the nature of celebration the host has been planning for the wedding.

Do it Yourself Wedding Invites
The technology savvy brides-to-be these days, know exactly the points in a wedding budget where a few bucks can be saved and put to use for some other important purpose and therefore, instead of opting to get trendy wedding invites designed by a designer at a hefty price, they are increasingly opting for designing their <a href=””>wedding invites </a>themselves. With the availability of Do it Yourself kits and a plethora of information and ideas on the internet, the technology geeks prefer to do it themselves as it not only cuts down the wedding expenses by leaps and bounds but also adds a personal touch to the wedding invites.

Indian wedding invites have gone far ahead of the scope of merely informing a person about a wedding ceremony and has become a vibrant product of the confluence of the old and the new which still has its cultural aroma intact.

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