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The postal clerk places

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When a postal customer requests registered mail service, the clerk should attach a special note to the envelope and provide the customer with a receipt containing a unique tracking number. At this point, the customer can also purchase insurance on the contents of the package, although the post office generally limits the amount of coverage available. Registered mail does not have to be certified or insured in order to be delivered, however.

The postal clerk places all registered mail into a special lock box separate from the main mail processing equipment. This secured box will travel along with other mail to different receiving centers, where an authorized postal employee will sign for possession and route the registered mail according to its final destination. This chain-of-command process will continue until the package reaches the post office assigned to the recipient’s address. The customer can use the tracking number to follow the package’s progress online and view any attempts to deliver the package.

Sending a letter or small package as registered mail can be a relatively expensive delivery option, costing many times the price of regular first class delivery. There are also additional charges for insurance and certified receipt by a specified recipient. Some people will pay the extra fees for certified or registered mail in order to make sure their federal tax returns reach the Internal Revenue Service on time, but registered mail services are generally designed to protect items with intrinsic value, not standard paperwork.

Insurance on items sent as registered mail may be limited to the actual replacement value of the item, not necessarily its perceived or potential value. The loss of a legal document, for example, would only result in reimbursement for the attorney’s time and expenses, not the total value of the contract or will or property title it represented. Registered mail is the highest level of security most postal customers can obtain, but it should be used primarily for smaller objects of value or cash, not large, irreplaceable works of art or delicate antiques.

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