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The potential beauty of SaPa

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In summer, Vietnam is famous for many sightseeing spots attracting tourists around the world, they get Vietnam visa and come here to experience their holiday vacation. SaPa is one of ideal destinations for someone who want to enjoy the amazing natural beauty.

Located in the north-west of  Vietnam, SaPa is a mountainous district of  Lao Cai province, a quiet and mystery land but hides a lot of wonderful landscapes. Its natural beauty is created by human’s creativity and the topography of mountains which look like a picture arranged following a harmonious layout  in order to create a land with romantic and attractive sightseeing spots.

In the floating clouds, SaPa is like a magical and picturesque town. At the average height from 1500m to1800m above sea level, the invaluable resource here is the fresh, cool weather with the average temperature from 15°C to18°C; from May to August is the rainy season. Usually, it is cool in summer and cold in winter, sometimes it has snow in winter when the temperature drops below zero.

Many tourists come to SaPa because of its rugged mountain ranges, culture diversity with ethnic minorities living here or surroundings, as well as its fine weather. Tourists are interested in experiencing the weather of four seasons in a day when they come here in summer. It is cool in the morning and afternoon like the weather of the spring and autumn, it is hot at noon and it’s quite cold in the evening and at night like in winter.  Sometimes, it has short and heavy rain in a summer day, after that maybe the rainbow will appear.

Besides, travelers will feel satisfied and excited with various fruits, colorful flower species and the natural sceneries, such as Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Taphin Cave, Heaven’s Gate, Cat Cat Village, Old Church, Rattan Bridge, Ban Ho Village, bamboo forest, the local market, rice fields in terraces and so on.

Ham Rong Mountain is considered as a kingdom of brilliant flower species like rose, orchid flower, apricot flower, peach flower, etc. Any tourists can see the whole town, Muong Hoa valley; you also have many memorable experiences as if you get lost in a fairy garden since the different kinds of flower bloom everywhere, the arrangement here will make you feel comfortable and fresh.

 From the town, going forward the west about 12km, you can see Silver Waterfall with 200 meters tall and water source falling down impetuously that makes an impressive sound.  Here tourists can see the highest mountain belonging Hoang Lien Mountain Ranges, Fansipan peak at 3.143 meters.

Especially, Muong Hoa Valley consists of 196 stones of various sizes with many strange shapes carved by ancient people thousands of years ago. In the evening, tourists can go to local market and taste some special food here.


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