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The Process of Producing Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals are specially produced chemicals with different characteristics, with the difference being in their usage.

Necessity For Specialty Chemicals
The need for Specialty Chemicals arose when certain chemicals that were required to be added for a desired reaction, reacted with the other ingredients in ways that interfered with the quality and performance of the end-product.

Reason For The Undesired Reactions
Every chemical is a combination of molecules, which in turn are combinations of atoms. Atoms have electrons orbiting the protons in shells. The reactivity of an atom and hence the reactivity of the chemical will depend on whether the outermost shell is fully occupied by electrons or not. Two atoms with unfilled shells will look to react with each other in an attempt to complete the shells. Thus, chemicals added in a reaction might react with each other or the other ingredients.

Specialty Chemicals Provide The Solution
The Specialty Chemicals are produced in such a manner that the structure of the atoms undergoes the requisite changes which render them non-reactive to the ingredients with whom no reaction is desired. Specialty Chemicals can be thus safely used in the processes for which they have been manufactured. Specialty Chemicals are usage-based.

The Process Of Production
Producing Specialty Chemicals involves time-based processes. In each process measured amounts of starting materials are introduced into a vessel. This is followed by the operations of mixing, heating, reaction, distillation, etc. The products, by-products and the waste are separately removed and the equipment cleaned and made ready for the next process. Since the Specialty Chemicals are produced batch by batch, the production is also called batch processing. The equipment and the methods of the processes, along with the time allotted to each process, vary depending on the required nature of the Specialty Chemicals.

Specialty Chemicals are produced based on the orders given by the various industries where they are used. Some of the industries which make use of Specialty Chemicals are as follows:

*    Pharmaceuticals: Specialty Chemicals are used in such large extents in the Pharmaceuticals that the pharmaceutical wholesalers designate a different section called Specials to deal with the products made from Specialty Chemicals.
*    Agrochemicals: The fungicides, insecticides and the herbicides use Specialty Chemicals in their production.
*    Animal Health: Pet products like puppy Prozac which are derived from human medicines use Specialty Chemicals.

Specialty Chemicals hold an important share in the revenue generation of the industries they are used in. Since Specialty Chemicals are vital in the processes of manufacturing the end-products with the requested changes, they are often exorbitantly priced.
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