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The pros and cons of using ED

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We must thanks the pills which provide us the treatment on Erectile dysfunction , as the biggest problem  which mens were suffering  finally got a answer ……because erectile dysfunction is not just an ordinary case of a man failing to have an erection in its male reproductive organ. But as every thing has its own pros and cons and same goes for the ED pills…..which is commonly known as blue pill…. It has a very famous name known as wonder pill. This pill actually does wonders for the people who are suffering from Ereticle Dysfunction.


·          The greatest benefits of this  pills is treating for erectile dysfunction which allows for the greater sexual pleasure. As everyone taking this pill should know that the cure is not permanent in the effect.

·         Ed pills can be used as a good booster to the man’s self confidence .it helps man to gain its trait of feeling a man. It is also a very big boost to the one who is taking this ED pills.

·         Most of the pills can be taking an hour before the sexual activity . there are several pills that can be chewed or placed under the tongue, there are also some gels form that makes them easy to digest  and also absorbs the substances in them to enjoy there love life.

·         As there are many several types of pills available in the market  and man has plenty of choices to select one of them.


·         ED pills always  require  a prescription  from doctor . As there are many different types of men who feel very  awkward while talking on this type and thus this involve overcoming one of the greatest emotional barrier.

·         As there are some side effects for the every pill, thus this pill also have some side effects so a man must not take the pills without doctors prescription , it is not like the normal drug which can be bought from the pharmacy store whenever needed.

·         Taking Ed pills regularly can cause damage to the blood vessels , because they can be some time over dilated . when this happens then it is most  obvious that the man is suffering from cavity in the blood vessels.

The people who are suffering from cardiovascular / coronary diseases , it is very harmful for them to take this ED pills. 


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  • Posted On April 2, 2012
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