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The Pursuit of Happiness

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The idea that you have to strive to be happy is entirely counterproductive and a squander of your time. What an alleviation! It’s time to let go of the actual pursuit of happiness quotes, to let go in the trying, and notice the resource already inside you.

The pursuit of happiness is literally just a mind game we all play with ourselves. It is just the mind that feels in the notion that ‘someday I will get there, to be happy I just must achieve this and that then I will be there.Ha The problem here is not too we have these views, it is that we tend to be completely identified while using mind and actually have confidence in the thoughts. We believe each of our body-mind is who we’re and so when these kinds of thoughts come up we all experience them on every single level of our becoming as truth.

This idea that we are our own body-mind and need to ‘achieve’ contentment is something we have just been given by the community we live in. It is clear that when we’re born, for the initial few days or weeks we are not perhaps aware that we have an actual physical body. We thought that we were still part of our mother which nothing existed away from that. Even outside the house physical objects have been perceived as part of us all, we had never known any different. The truly amazing aspect of this birth experience when we really examine is that we were right now there. What was there? Our own sense of existence has been there. We were still living.

During the brief period that we had no association with our physical entire body and maybe even the head, we still been around, we existed with no mental reference reason for our body-mind, we were basically here, present. As well as the presence that was presently there when you were given birth to is the same presence that’s here with you right now, it is deeper than your body-mind, it is the lifestyle force running through you at this moment.

This is where genuine lasting happiness lives, beyond the mind and body. After we recognise this spot from which the rest of us emanates along with operate from in which place then whatever happens in our encounter, good or bad, is simply observed as a passing occurrence and deep contentment arises with what actually is happening. We know this as contentment unconditional happiness.

There is nothing to cultivate, this profile is already here. Contact off the pursuit of happiness and simply start observing.

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