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The reasons of ball mill gear drive failures and shaft fracture

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Ball mill machinel is the cement, metallurgy, mining, power plant etc important grinding equipment, transmission gear pair is an important part of it, its weight, volume and cost in the machine occupies a large proportion, its reliability and safety directly affect the machine’s performance. So strengthening gear transmission of the reliability and safety of the research, is particularly important.

Establish the ball mill gear transmission system failure tree graph, gear failure, lubrication system failure, the transmission component failure and system without power input for intermediate events, analyzes the manufacture, installation and application of factors influence on the performance of the gear transmission system.

Through to the fault tree graph quantitative and qualitative and important degree analysis, get the ball mill gear transmission system failure of the main influence factors.

For ball mill gear transmission system fault promptly eliminate and take effective measures to provide reliable information, but also for ball mill gear transmission system fault diagnosis of laid a foundation. 

Small gear axle shaft and bearings for original had become loose, namely bearing run inside the turn, cause axis wear, after a patch of axial surfacing welding repair, but take less than a year after time fracture failure. In order to find out the reason of the break small gear shaft of the shaft fracture was the microstructure, mechanical properties analysis. 

According to the technical conditions, the shaft quenching and tempering treatment, metallographic organization should be tempering saxhlet body, but the results with discrepancies, heat treatment process that did not reach the technical requirements, and brittle inclusion more than level, a loose organization existence, this seriously reduces the fatigue strength of the shaft.

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