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The results of the RFC 1087

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The results of the RFC 1087 Internet ethics document have been far reaching. Fee-based and free email service providers have strict regulations about sending out spamming messages, which are looked at as a waste of web resources. In addition, most websites that require users to input personal details provide registrants with a clear-cut privacy policy that outlines what information the website protects and what information it shares with third parties. Websites found to be in violation of the Internet ethics policy are often publicly called to task.

Global networks make it nearly impossible to create consistent repercussions for violating established Internet ethics, so users are encouraged to take on the responsibility of monitoring the websites they visit for compliance. In some countries, users are able to report violations to an appropriate government agency, which then has the task of charging and prosecuting the perpetrators. As an example, in the United States, the federal government has set up several agencies, such as the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC), to handle Internet ethics violations. In certain cases, such as extensive online piracy, government organizations with extradition agreements will work together to shut down and prosecute perpetrators.

There are some critics of governmental interference in Internet ethics issues. These people believe monitoring ethics on the Internet should be largely left to individual responsibility and community policing. The fear that many of these critics have is that creating mechanisms to enforce online ethics would.

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