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The Samsung DCS Series for all Your Business Needs

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The Samsung PABXs come in a wide range under the Samsung DCS series. The PABXs are scalable and can be used in combination with any telephone network topology. Expansions and upgrades are made easy by sticking to the Samsung DCS series. It is a well recognized brand that will do justice to your reception area and waiting lounge.

The executive handsets are easy touch and dial tones. The executives will enjoy using the Samsung DCS telephone system and the marketing staff will have it as their constant companion. Incoming calls are patched through steadily from programmed buttons that clearly show the extensions. Everything is displayed on an LCD at the switchboard and the caller ID allows call back in case of call drops or for feedbacks.

These features sported on the Samsung DCS phone system give the best service to your clients. The programmable buttons also allow for voicemail recording during after hours. Waiting call music can be used as a marketing gimmick and automated switching by an interactive recorded voice is also used. All the configurations necessary to smoothly run a busy establishment are found in the Samsung DCS.

If the client so wishes, all the extensions can be terminated with the ISDN headsets, which typically come with LCD displays. This means that the extension can see caller ID also known as CLI. This includes the in-house extensions or a call patched through to another company’s extension. There are navigable keys on the phones of the Samsung DCS system that can be used to view the last ten calls for instance.

The Samsung DCS is designed to be business friendly that means that the system uses the latest technology in the communication spectrum. GSM and landline carriers can all be attached to the Samsung DCS PABXs including other wireless adapters. The result is a cocktail of choice for the organisation and also for the expected callers. The right carrier is chosen and connected for the cheapest tariffs. If the system administrator is well versed with programming Samsung DCS he can even take advantage of the daily off peak tariffs.

As we can see, the Samsung DCS is capable of reducing the impact on the organisation’s pocket when it comes to telephone bills. Outgoing calls can be barred altogether for those who have no business making outbound calls. All at the administrator’s discretion, many companies rely on these types of connections that makes the Samsung DCS more of an asset than a liability.

Furthermore, security is enhanced when using the Samsung DCS systems. Certain codes can be programmed to give access to only authorised personnel. In the case of a small residential PABX like for a home office or a guest house, the Samsung DCS codes are privy to only particular family members and guests. Of course the owner can change the codes at any time. A billing system can be established from this since the carrier can easily share the timings of the calls with the owners. Hotels usually include these in their check out bills.

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