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The secret why people hate monkeys?

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Gone are the days when people used to keep monkeys at their homes as because this wonderful creature has a long historical association with human beings. Histories have mention of these creatures that have become folk tales of people. People have started cropping up hatred towards monkeys as monkeys are also providing huge troubles to people particularly in the cities. For instance, a lady or woman wouldn’t want to go through streets full of monkeys simply walking carrying fruits. The more monkeys gather in number the more monkey menace is found initiate by them.

It is the nature of the monkeys not to be able to remain silent; they have to do something somehow no matter what will be the consequences. In far remote areas especially in the hilly regions where there are thick mountains and forests people living nearby cultivating crops cannot have sound sleep due to the monkey scare.  In those areas monkeys usually come in group and once they find cultivated crops they would visit frequently in the cultivated fields which is more than simply annoying. People there adopt certain tactics like they often make things out of bamboos in which a long rope is tied and pulling which it creates big clapping sounds. Sitting at home they usually drive monkeys away from fields.

But in cities the scenario is quite dissimilar; most of the monkeys in the cities are so brave they do not scare people easily. In the region where population of the monkeys is high, it is only known to people how much troubles are being faced by them out of monkeys. In the western parts of the world most of the people put anti monkey spikes over the roof of their houses. Doing so monkeys cannot able to climb over the roofs as these roofs contain pointed spears like devices that would terrify the monkeys.

There are several reports carried by newspapers and TV channels reporting about the monkey menaces that creates chaos among people. It sometimes becomes very difficult for people to travel alone to markets walking due to the presence of numerous monkeys over the street. The presence of too many monkeys in a particular region turns out to be a huge danger zone as people cannot keep things outside. The sudden increase of these mammals in the cities have turned into a nightmare for most of the people especially the  office goers, school children and more to vendors selling fruits and vegetables. It has caught the attention of the Government and various steps as effective measures are being taken.

Large number of monkeys is usually found in certain places where people gather for religious purposes. The main sights of monkeys are found in the nearby area of temples and markets where hopefully monkeys get something to have as offered by people. It is the responsibility of the Government to control the increasing number of population of monkeys.

If certain measures with innovation are taken people won’t have trouble in commuting through public places.


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  • Posted On July 19, 2012
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