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The Services a Typical Cosmetic Dentist in Sydney Offers

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Many people neglect their oral cleanliness because they are too busy with work, college, and other obligations. Many hurry through their tooth brushing or flossing routines in the morning, or just forget about them totally. This behaviour, combined with unhealthy vices like smoking and drinking, often brings about tooth discoloration and damage. Locate a cosmetic dentist in Sydney if you wish to reverse these upsetting side-effects.

There are cosmetic dental care treatments you may have to improve your teeth’s condition and appearance. Here’s a listing of the more well-known treatment options offered by dentistry professionals in Sydney.


Wire braces were once the only solution for uneven teeth, and a lot of people didn’t want to have them installed since they’re bulky, unappealing, and difficult to clean. Presently, several dental care treatment centers provide another choice that does not have these faults. Invisalign braces are light-weight, clear (or “invisible”), and less difficult to clean.

Gum Lifts

This type of cosmetic dental surgery in Sydney will involve using laser devices to enhance the shape of your gum line. Dental practitioners typically make use of this treatment to make your smile show less of your gums and more of your white teeth. You don’t have to worry about intrusive oral surgical procedures or cuts that cause hemorrhaging in this method. Laser devices reduce hemorrhaging and do not require dental drills or scalpels.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Dental surgeons make use of this procedure to correct broken, damaged, or cracked teeth. It requires applying resin-based dental composite to your affected teeth, and rebuilding the broken portion. The composite is the exact same color as your teeth, so your smile should still appear natural after the procedure.

Tooth Reshaping

Reshaping will involve shaving or cutting of enamel from your teeth to improve their look. This technique could lengthen teeth, correct their irregular shape, or help realign uneven teeth. Dental professionals make use of laser devices or dental drills to make the changes.

Porcelain Veneers

This treatment’s popularity among celebrities makes it one of the most well-known cosmetic dental treatments worldwide. Your dentist could add porcelain veneers to your teeth to shield damaged tooth surfaces or simply make your smile more beautiful. A few patients may choose to have complete smile makeovers, which involve using several veneers to transform their smile entirely.

Whitening or Bleaching

This is among the most basic and most common types of cosmetic dental care treatment. There are several ways your dental practitioner could bleach your discoloured teeth. Examples include using bleaching gel, laser devices, or naturally occurring chemicals (such as malic acid from strawberries). A few dental care treatment centers offer products you can use to bleach your teeth in the comfort of your own home, such as bleaching trays, toothpaste, and chewing gum.

Regardless of what your tooth troubles are, visiting a dentist in Sydney Australia might help you correct them. Look for a warm and friendly dentist you can trust, and schedule a consultation appointment so they can tell you which treatment options may help make your smile a lot more radiant.

Josh Clayton is a dentist associate working at a cosmetic dental surgery clinic, and works together with a cosmetic dentist in Sydney.


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